Customer Project: Zippered Bugnet Kit 1

by Dan

Just finished the bug kit with the zipper. Attached are some pictures of the final project (hung on my hammock made from material from your site as well).

Customer Project: Zippered Bugnet Kit 1


Zippered Bugnet Kit

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How do I make it?

Making the bugnet was an easy and hard project. I'm a bit new to the whole sewing thing, so there were was quite a bit of learning/cursing going on as i worked the project :) The difficult part was the zipper. I'm not sure if i missed something but once you're in the hammock both zippers face out, so its a bit challenging to close it. I solved this with some paracord attached to the zipper handle that i can reach from the inside. I think I might have been able to put one zipper handle facing in and one out, but it didn't seem like it when i was working to put it together based on the directions.

Sewing the netting itself was a breeze and went quickly. Double stitched all edges just to be sure it was secure and to handle any seems that might pull apart.

I did not put the shock cords in the ends, as I prefer to just tie the ends with paracord to make them good and closed.

The whole project took me about 5 hours. Again, I'm a newbie so someone experienced could probably do it in 2.

Looking forward to getting out and giving it a true test soon. The kit was great though really appreciate you and the site.