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Tensionlock Lite

$3.25 /dozen

Tensionlock Lite

$3.25 /dozen

179 packs in stock

  • 1/2" Tensionlock Lite. This is a smaller, stripped down version of the popular Lineloc3 cordage adjuster.

    Works best with 1.5 - 2.5 mm cordage. Use with 1/2" grosgrain webbing

    * Note: Sold in packs of 12. Enter "1" in the Qty field for a single 12 unit package. 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Polyacetal/ABS
    Dimensions see reference diagram
    Weight TBD grams
    Units/pack 12

Customer Reviews

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Great communication and very quick delivery from the US 👍😁

Used with Zing It

Used with Zing It for tarp tie outs and works great.

Thanks Pete! A really handy piece of hardware, indeed. Let us know if you need anything.

Jonathan Coley
Tensionlock Lite

These work great. I used them as adjusters for the secondary suspension on a DIY underquilt with 1/16 shock cord. The secondary keeps the UQ from bunching up once the primary suspension (1/8" shock cord) is set. It should be intuitive for most folks how to thread the cord through them, but I'm a little slower :) and had to look up an image on the web how to thread the cord through them. I would give them five stars if they included a small 'how to thread' image in the package.

Nathan Holt
Used with 1.8mm line The

Used with 1.8mm line The locks will slip if the tension is too high. Not a big deal i just threw a slippery half hitch into the line where it meets the lock to secure it down. I would say use larger then 2mm lines if you plan on using these.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the feedback here. We tested these again with 1.8 mm cordage and did find that under high load there is a chance for slippage. We've updated our suggested cordage diameter on the product page just now.

We'll also follow-up through email. Thanks again!

Doesn't Hold Well on 1/16" shock cord

The specs say its for 1.5mm-2.5mm but it slips on 1/16"(1.6mm) shock cord if the cord is slackened or if the tensionlock is bumped. I got this to use for a secondary suspension on an underquilt and I have to reset them each time I hang the quilt. They would probably work ok on larger cord but 1/16" is too small for this device.