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Polartec® Alpha Direct 4004

$25.00 /yd

Polartec® Alpha Direct 4004

$25.00 /yd

652 yards in stock

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    Polartec® Alpha Direct is an evolution of the original Alpha insulation that eliminates the need for a backing fabric.

    Alpha Direct can be worn directly against the skin or other fabric layers. This increases the breathability, reduces the overall garment weight, and allows for greater creative styling.

    When it comes to performance, Alpha Direct has caught the attention of both bigger outdoor clothing companies and ultralight cottage gear makers with things like:

    - High weight-to-warmth ratio

    - Comfort across a wide range of temperatures

    - Extremely fast-drying properties (we've seen it come out of the washer practically dry)

    - Incredible ability to breathe

    Alpha Direct does NOT have very good wind resistance by itself, but when coupled with a wind or rain jacket, it can also provide an impressive amount of heat retention.

    Typical applications include pullovers/jackets (fall, summer, spring), mittens, socks, beanies, and other lightweight apparel. Polartec code 4004, 78% recycled polyester content.

    *Alpha Direct 4004 is a lighter, thinner version of Alpha Direct 4008.

    Sold by the linear yard. For example, enter a qty of "2" to receive two linear yards of fabric. *IMPORTANT* Up to 10 yds guaranteed continuous cut. Any orders above 10 yards will be split.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Width 59" (149.86 CM)
    Weight 2.5 oz/yd 2  (84.76 g/m 2)
    Tapeable No
    Bondable No
    Thread/Needle Recommendations: Serger Highly Recommended, Thread: Tera 80 / Tex 35, Mara 70 /Tex 40
    Needle: (Universal) 80/12, 90/14
    Finish/Coating Alpha Direct Dyed Solid
    OutdoorINK N/A

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tetsuya Abe
Best fabric for Ultralight blanket

Worm, breathable , and very lightweight.

Thanks Tetsuya! Polartec Alpha Direct 4004 is a great apparel fabric with many different uses. It also comes custom printed now! So you can put any design you want on it and make a truly unique blanket or anything else! We hope you get a lot of use out of your Ultralight Blanket for many seasons.

Alpha direct hoodie, beanie and shawl

Was very pleased with the product. 2 yards was plenty for me to design and make a hoodie, shawl and beanie. All very warm and extremely lightweight. The hoodie weighs in at < 4 oz. The shawl is multi purpose as I also use it as a lap blanket or sleeping bag blanket on colder nights.

Thanks Deb! Polartec Alpha Direct 4004 is an absolutely awesome apparel fabric. Its excellent as an insulating layer and for beanies, mittens, shawls. We also now provide custom printing on it so you can put any design you want onto your next hoodie! Thanks again for the review and we would love to see your projects if you are willing to share with us on Instagram.

Ian Hughes

Polartec® Alpha Direct 4004

Thanks for the review Ian! Let us know if we can help with anything in the future.

Benjamin Harris
Totally impressed

I used Alpha Direct to sew a hoodie, based on LearnMYOG's design. I used the hoodie as my insulation layer during a week of skiing in Utah recently and I am really impressed. By varying the base layer I wore and the amount of venting of my shell, I was able to handle temps everywhere from single digits to mid-30s.

Durability seems great and it is very sewable, even with my regular sewing machine (no serger) and below average sewing skills. I used foldover elastic for binding, which worked well. I'm excited to make more projects with Alpha Direct and hoping that RbTR will make many more colors available.

We love to hear that Benjamin! Polartec Alpha Direct 4004 is so breathable while still keeping you cozy and warm! We're glad it worked well for your ski trip!

Bill Budney
It's fleece, only lighter

About the same warmth as 100 weight fleece at 60 percent of the weight. It isn't magic but it is as light as insulation gets. Highly breathable.

I made a UL convertible vest/top sheet.

Hey Bill, thanks for the review. We love Polartec for its breathability and warmth. Perfect for a lot of apparel options. We would love to see your project, share it with us on Instagram!