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Packing Cube Kit

$26.00 /kit

  $33.00 /kit

Packing Cube Kit

$26.00 /kit

  $33.00 /kit


  • I'm going to give you some life advice. Ready?

    If you aren't using packing cubes when you travel, you need to stop that. Seriously, stop it right now.

    Packing cubes are like carrying cases that allow you to neatly organize your clothes (or anything else) by category within your backpack, suitcase, or bag.

    For example, you can use one packing cube for pants, one for shirts/shorts, and another for socks/underwear. 

    When we say these things are life changing, we aren't exaggerating. 

    Instead of stuffing everything into a hole and making a huge mess, you get where you're going and open a perfectly organized bag. It's also easier to find stuff when you need it (shocking, right?).

    Our DIY Packing Cube Kit comes with everything you need to make your own packing cube(s) - from laser cut fabric to pre-packaged components (*except needle/thread). This means minimal decision making and best of all, no wasted materials.

    Here's a rundown of exactly what you'll get:

    Material (choose color and size above)
    - 1.5 oz MONOLITE™ laser cut pattern pieces (*see thru for easy visibility)

    Components (prepackaged)
    - 1/2" Grosgrain

    - #3 YKK coil reverse sliders (2)

    - #3 YKK zipper coil

    Making your own Packing Cube Kit  doesn't get much easier - and if you do have questions, our team of DIYers will be here to help you.

    Instead of buying mass-produced packing cubes from the store, make your own at home with this kit. You got this! 

    Available in multiple colors and sizes. Make your selections above.

    INSIDER TIP: Buy as a bundled pack of three and save 20%

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Blaze Orange, Dark Olive, Moroccan Blue
    Materials 1.5 oz MONOLITE™
    Finished Size (*approx) 10.5"x7.5"x3.25" (~4.5L), 13"x10"x4" (~7.5 L), 16.5"x12"x4" (~10.5L)
    Finished Weight (*approx) sub 1 oz
  • We've put together a detailed,   step-by-step  video that shows you how to make your own Packing Cube Kit. Watch it below!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Barb Dettmar

Packing Cube Kit

Thanks for leaving a review Barb!

Fantastic Kit

I got the Monolite bundle kit.This kit is awesome, the Monolite fabric is very lightweight but strong and was really easy to sew with a weak machine. The cubes pack down incredibly small. It would be nice if the fabric was laser cut to be more accurate. It says it should be but it definitely was not. Overall, great kit and it was good practice for sewing corners.

Thanks for leaving. us a review Carter. We're glad the packing cubes work well and was easy to sew! We apologize about your pieces not being 100% accurate, if that happens again please reach out to us so we can make it right.

Larry Dixon
Packing Cube Orderliness

Just what I needed for my daughter that travels a great deal. Better cutting than I could do and all the accessories. The instructional video is extremely helpful.

We love to hear that! We're glad the instructional video made the sewing project easier and hopefully more enjoyable!

Nate W
Fun Kit! The thin fabric is a challenge for a novice.

This was my third kit (two ZPPs prior) I've put together from RBTR. The instructional video was easy to follow and mimic. This was my first time using such thin fabric and it was a bit of a challenge for me using my Singer 201. It'd be neat to see an option for something a little heavier like the 2.2 oz Hex70 PU3000/DWR fabric.

Thanks for your review Nate! Working with thinner fabric can definitely be a challenge. Sometimes putting a piece of tissue paper behind the fabric can help add extra grip with the feed dogs. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Good kit

The kit comes with precut fabric blanks, and enough zipper and gros grain to make the three pods. The fabric is an extremely fine mesh, so it isn't waterproof, but it helps you organize you items. The video is pretty clear about what to do, though I did have to go back a couple of times. I'd made zipper bags before, but not this style of bag, and once you learn to make one, you could take the concept and adjust it to your own needs. When I was finished, I had three really nice, high quality packing pods.

We LOVE to hear that! Thanks so much for leaving us a review Beth and enjoy your new DIY packing cubes!