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Pack Cover Kit

$2.15 /kit

Pack Cover Kit

$2.15 /kit

  • This kit contains all the items required to make a waterproof PACK COVER  for your backpack. Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need with no wasted materials.

    Kit includes:

    Waterproof Material (*choose above)
    1 yd

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (2) mini-cordlocks 
    (10') 1/16" shock cord  

    We've prepackaged the components you'll need, so all you do is select your material above. Choose from all our in-stock waterproof materials/colors.

    *Note - On cart page, kit and fabric will be shown separately, but total price will remain the same. This is done to manage fabric inventory. Please note that all kits are sold as a unit . We cannot sell components or any portion of the kit separately. You may purchase more than one kit, but multiple kits must be added to cart individually. 

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Size Varies based on pack size
    Estimated Finished Weight  2 oz.
  • NEW - illustrated PDF instructions for waterproof PACK COVER (revA, updated 10/25/15) -  CLICK HERE

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nicholas Formato
Great Lightweight Pack Cover

I love DIY gear, and when I needed a pack cover, of course I wanted to make my own. It is so light, packs down small, and surprisingly abrasion resistant. I got caught on some trees, and it took the abuse is stride!!

James T.
Easy peasy

title says it all. Easy to follow directions, works well.

Jim W.
Great kit

This is a great beginner DIY project to build my sewing skills. I'm working my way up to a hex tarp.

Jan K.
Needed Pack cover DIY

This was a fun great idea because I have never really sewn anything for DIY backpacking and instead of browsing through stores for a pack cover made elsewhere and a big name brand on it, it was great to just have this simple plain but very effective pack cover put together. I appreciate it differently having spent the time to put it together. I'm glad that I did this project first because I was almost going to start a bug shelter as my first project and it may have been to much for a first timer. I have to admit that the sewing machine is not adjusted right because the stitching comes out loose on the the other side. I'm not sure why because I don't sew often.

Karen Macomber
Great value.

Made mine the other day from the membrane silpoly PU4000 and love it! Really nice fabric to work with, easy instructions.