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Omnicolor Solids - Fabrics with Dyneema®


Omnicolor Solids - Fabrics with Dyneema®



  • NOTE - All Omnicolor Solids fabric is digitally printed, which means that the color won't show through to the back side for thicker fabrics. Before ordering, be sure to check out our article on ink penetration for different fabrics/materials HERE.

    To use this product, you must first own an OutdoorINK Color Map. Buy yourself a map, find the color(s) you want, then select the corresponding color codes above.

    Dyneema® Composite and Woven Dyneema® might be the uber fabrics for ultralight or ultra-tough gear, but when it comes to colors, you don't have a lot of options. That is until now.

    Introducing Omnicolor for Fabrics with Dyneema® - the first ever print on-demand capability that allows you to source technical Dyneema materials in virtually ANY color.

    It works like this. Simply select your Fabric, Size, and Color code above. Our team will then digitally print your custom color Fabric with Dyneema® and ship it to your door in just a few days.

    But what about quality? How do printed Dyneema® colors compare to stock?

    Thanks to our proprietary in-house OutdoorINK process, printed colors are made rich, deep, and vibrant - equal to or better than traditional stock colors.

    There's a revolution brewing. Whether you're a DIYer or vendor making finished products, it's time to change the color game using printed fabrics with Dyneema®.

    IMPORTANT- All printed Woven Melange with Dyneema will have a "heathered" effect due to the mix of polyester and Dyneema fibers. A given solid color printed on these materials will appear lighter in overall shade.

    Dyneema® is a trademark of Avient. Use of these trademarks requires approval from Avient.

  • We currently offer Omnicolor printing on the following fabrics with Dyneema:

    Dyneema Composite Fabric

    1.0 oz DCF  (CT2K.18)

    1.43 oz DCF (CT5K.18)

    2.92 oz DCF Hybrid ( CT5K.18/wov.32c)

    5.0 oz DCF Hybrid ( CT5K.18/wov.32c)

    The digital print process works best on any "K" variants of DCF containing thicker mylar layers OR hybrid fabrics with a woven polyester face.  

    Woven Dyneema

    6.5 oz Woven Melange with Dyneema - PU1000/DWR (DDRWX090)

    6.5 oz Woven Melange with Dyneema - Breathable/DWR  (DDRWX090)

  • Omnicolor printing on fabrics with  Dyneema® is offered in two sizes:

    19" x 24" (*not available for all variants)
    42" x 54" 

    Due to the unique nature of the print process for fabrics with Dyneema®, all prints are done non-continuously.

    This is an active choice by us to ensure that all printed Dyneema consistently meets the highest levels of quality that we demand for both performance and color.  

    Size options shown indicate the pre-printed usable area of Dyneema that you will receive. Due to manufacturing, some minor shrinkage (typically less than 2%) may occur in the final printed usable area.

  • We do not currently offer samples of Omnicolor printed fabrics/materials. However, most printed colors on fabrics with Dyneema® are close in shade to colors printed on similar weight polyester fabrics.

    The best way to sample Omnicolor fabrics is by purchasing an OutdoorINK Color Map for the fabric(s) you're intending to buy.

    This map is an actual linear yard of fabric with 1260 printed swatches solid color swatches. Buying each map allows you to see exactly what each color will look like when printed on a given fabric.

    Keep in mind that many Dyneema® Composite Fabrics are semi-translucent. This combined with a non-woven, laminate construction can affect color shade.

    In general, light to mid tones are very accurate to the same colors printed on woven polyester. Darker tones tend to show up slightly lighter on DCF than on a similar weight polyester. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Craig P
Just what I wanted

So easy to order.
Delivery to Australia quicker than expected. I'd recommend that if you're going to be buying and having delivered to Oz get heaps as postage cost me almost as much as the several products I ordered. Remember to allow for exchange rate. Will be buying more.
Cheers Ripstop

Hey Craig! Thanks for finding us all the way over in Australia! It also might help to find a friend nearby that is also ordering from us so you can go in on international shipping costs. If you have any questions about future orders, we're here to help!

Darren Wilson

Great product made a nice dry bag just amazing

Thanks for your review Darren! We're glad you love the DCF Dry bag kit. If you have any questions about future projects, be sure email us at support@ripstopbytheroll.com

Bruce Chutter-Cressy
nice fabric!!

The Omnicolor fabric is great! It is so lovely to be able to choose a color for Dyneema Composite Fabric (2.92 oz/yd2) instead of being stuck with a few stock colors! The color is a bit lighter than what I could see on my computer screen when looking at the color chart, but you did warn us about that, and the color was still fabulous. I made a 30 liter pack and the face and sides were able to be the color and only the top, bottom and back was in black, all from one 19x24 inch piece. I found the fabric easy to cut and sew with using the MARA 50 thread, even though I had never made anything like this. I have been bitten by the home made gear bug! Now I am going to make my wife a pack. Down sleeping bag anyone?


Thanks so much Bruce! We're glad are happy with the way the custom color turned out for your Dyneema. We'd love to see pictures of your final project, be sure to tag us on social media!

DCF 1.0 oz/yd2, and DCF 1.43 oz/yd2

I ordered digital prints from two pieces of fabric several times. I am very satisfied because the color is very beautiful. We believe these products are well worth the price. I highly recommend DCF for digital printing!

Thanks so much for your review Hiroshi Ando! We're happy that you are satisfied with the custom printing on Dyneema! It makes making your own gear so much more fun. We'd love to see your finished project, be sure to tag us on social media or email us photos at social@ripstopbytheroll.com

Betty Cook
Perfect dog bowl!

I purchased the ominicolor solid dyneema in a heavy weight to make a dog dish. I taped the seams and it made a perfect lightweight dog dish for water or food.

Thanks Betty! What a great idea for a DIY pup project, enjoy!