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Netless Hammock Kit - HexCam® Camo


Netless Hammock Kit - HexCam® Camo



  • Discount- All large panel kits (e.g. Hammock, Tarp, etc) with OutdoorINK Printed Fabric include a built-in 15% discount compared to fabric and components purchased separately. Enjoy!

    Ready to make your own hammock? The Netless Hammock  Kit  is the ticket.

    Now available for the first time in HEXCAM® USA  camo with  OutdoorINK Printed Fabric, the Netless Hammock Kit contains all the items required to make up to an 11 foot netless, gathered-end hammock.

    Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need. Kit includes:

    Hammock Material (*choose Fabric and Pattern above)
    4 yds 

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (5') 7/64" Amsteel 
    (2) cinch buckles
    (3') drawcord 
    (2) cordlocks 

    We've prepackaged the components you'll need, so all you do is choose your Fabric, Pattern, and Scale  options above. 

    The included fabric and components will allow you to make up to an 11 foot long hammock. Depending on your selected length, you may also have enough material left to make a stuff sack. Components to make the stuff sack (drawcord/cordlocks) are included with this kit. 

    To compare Fabric and HEXCAM pattern options, check out the links below:

    Fabric - Click HERE to view all our current print ready fabrics and materials. Note that print on most hammock materials will not show through to both sides. See our article on ink penetration  for digitally printed fabrics.  

    HEXCAM Camo - Click HERE to view our HEXCAM camo pattern gallery.

    Note - This product is printed on-demand, just for you when the order is placed. Please allow extra time for printing and fulfillment. Your estimated ship date will be shown at checkout. Thanks!

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Length 132"
    Estimated Finished Width (Body Only) 57"-72" (Fabric Dependent)
    Estimated Finished Weight 8 oz. - 21 oz. (Fabric Dependent)
  • NEW - Check out our video instructions on "How to Make a Netless Hammock" below:

    This video covers all the steps necessary to sew and rig the suspension for the Netless Hammock Kit.

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com.



Customer Reviews

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Pretty great

Not sure if id like to have enough to do a 11ft hammock and stuff sack though.. but in any case, fabric is great, instruction video is great, result is great, hammock is great. so you could say im happy with it !