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LoopAlien Ti UFA


LoopAlien Ti UFA


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  • The LoopAlien ® is hardware for rapid cord attachment without knots. Rig up faster and avoid complicated, messy knots altogether. 

    The UFA (Ultra Fast Attachment) builds off the core, patent pending LoopAlien design, but incorporates a small gap in the large port hole for even faster deployment.

    Made out of grade 5 Titanium, this version of the LoopAlien is much stronger and harder than the Aluminum version found HERE

    Use it on tents, tarps, canopies, backpacks, and more. Designed and manufactured in the USA. 

    Made in USA

  • Product Details
    Color Dull Gray
    Material Titanium (Grade 5)
    Dimensions 1.3 x 0.8 x 0.125 inches
    Weight 2.5 grams
    Units/pack 1

Customer Reviews

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Nifty Gadget

Helps if you don't like knots. Once you know how to use them. Zing-it stretches and requires readjustment. Does make it easier. I use them for my tarp only.

Hi There, Thanks for the review! Enjoy the Loop Aliens

David Kiggins
Recent purchase

Great products, prices and fast service. Thanks folks.

caleb chung
Great site!

Fantastic selection, great prices, excellent website, speedy service! Would like to see DIY pre cut kits for ultralight Dyneema shelters. Please include finished weights if possible for us gram nerds. They could be made to order so you don't have to tie up inventory?
Thanks very much!

Amazing - Heavy Duty

I wasn’t sure about these, but I’ve got to say I’m amazed at how easy it is now to setup a tarp line. Now these aren’t for paracord.