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LoopAlien® Aluminum RCA Starter Kit


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  • If you're looking to stop the knots and start with LoopAlien®, the Aluminum RCA Starter Kit is for you.

    Take out the guesswork and let us pre-package everything you need:

    - (4) LoopAlien® Aluminum RCA hardware

    - (20') 1.75 mm Lash-It Dyneema® cordage

    - (1) Full-color, quick reference instruction card 

    No decisions, no knots...

    Pick up the Aluminum RCA Starter Kit and get rigging now.

    For complete info on the LoopAlien® Aluminum RCA, visit the product page  HERE

    If you're looking for the Titanium version of this starter kit, please click  HERE

  • Product Details
    Colors Gray
    Material 6 061 T6 Aluminum
    Finish M edia tumbled (all colors) and polished/bright (silver) or matte Type-II hard anodized (all non-silver color)
    Dimensions 1 .3 x 0.8 x 0.125 inches
    Weight 2.4 grams
    Load Bearing NOT designed for load bearing applications. See WARNING below.


    WARNING: The LoopAlien® Aluminum RCA is NOT designed to support human weight. It must not be used as a life saving device, fall protection, or in ANY manner where failure could cause property damage, injury, or loss of life.

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