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Dyneema Composite Fabric Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

$3.75 /section
  • Double-sided adhesive tape for use in joining/bonding sections of Dyneema Composite Fabric. This tape will also stick to most of our PU coated fabrics, so it can be used to bond those as well. It does not stick to silnylon, silpoly, or any other silicone coated fabric. Sold in 5 yd sections.

    This is a pressure sensitive tape with no heat or special equipment required to apply it. Simply position between two layers of material and apply firm pressure for a solid bond.

    Things to note for proper usage:

    - This tape has decently high sheer strength, but relatively low peel strength, so plan accordingly when bonding layers of material.

    - Resulting bond will hold up well in cold temps, but can lose strength in hotter weather. Again, plan accordingly. For maximum strength and durability, consider sewing AND then taping your seams with single-sided DCF adhesive tape

    * Note - All sections of DCF Double-Sided Adhesive Tape are pre-cut and not continuous. For example, buying a qty of "2" 5 yd sections will result in two separate 5 yd sections.

    IMPORTANT  - Unfortunately, we cannot make multiple sections of DCF tapes continuous for any length. Sections can easily be overlapped when bonding longer joints/seams. 

  • Product Details
    Color Clear/transparent
    Width 1'', 1/2"
    Weight  N/A
    Finish/Coating N/A

Customer Reviews

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2 sided tape- Caution!

If you order this tape, be aware that it is adhesive ONLY, sandwiched between 2 layers of release "paper". There is NO sticky fabric, like that found in one-sided "repair" tapes. The thicker (paper) layer comes off easily, but the second layer seems to be mylar with adhesive applied on one side. Imagine separating a the adhesive backing from a piece of scotch tape and you'll get an idea of what you're facing. I found that if you remove paper #1 and apply the exposed sticky side to one side of your fabric, you can then pick at the mylar and delaminate it from the adhesive that's stuck to your first fabric. THEN you can press the second fabric in to the exposed adhesive, joining the two.
Justin at Customer Service was very helpful.

Hi Alan, Thanks for the review! I'm glad we were able to get you sorted out. It can be frustrating to work with the first time, but being formulated to adhere to Dyneema makes it worth it.

Very good quantity and

Foam backed double sided tape

I felt that this product was inferior to the 3M 9485PC 5 mil double sided tape that I had been using. Your tape didn't set/cure well at all over 24 hours (and 36 hours), whereas the 3M tape was much quicker and stronger. I use it for bonding 2 pieces of cuben fiber (now called Dyneema Composite fiber). I found a 60 yard roll of the 3M tape at Sailrite.com, and the price was the same as the 40 yards I bought from you. So it was a better buy, and more tape for the money. Sorry to tell you this, as you have a good reputation on BackpackingLight.com. This won't keep me from considering purchasing something from you in the future, but it certainly won't be that double sided tape. I'll probably find some use for the tape I bought from you, or I will gift it to a friend.

Great material and good service

Great material and good service

Awesome solution to join cuben

Great use for joining cuben fiber pieces together. Not much else to say, it just works.
Shipped super fast!

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