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Dritz Loop Turner


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  • The Dritz loop turner. This is the tool you need for splicing Amsteel and other *spliceable cordage (*see note below on Zing-It).

    Commonly used in making spliced goods such as continuous loops, locked brummels, whoopie slings, UCRs, dogbones, and soft shackles.  

    *Note - Due to it's small diameter, we do not recommend splicing Zing-It with the Dritz Loop Turner. 

  • Product Details
    Manufacturer Dritz®
    Length 9.5"

Customer Reviews

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The products and service I was looking for.

I had a hard time finding the Amsteel and other cordage I wanted in Canada (a couple of Canadian shops offered it but were out of stock of nearly everything I was looking for). Ripstop By The Roll had it all and considering the exchange rates and duties paid it was a reasonable price. The order was delivered quickly with no troubles what so ever. I’ll definitely buy from them again.

Hi David, We're happy to help! Thanks for the review.
tarp kit & amsteel

high quality material, excellent notification & delivery. Great to do business with

First Try With A Loop Turner

I’ve always used craft wire or a guitar string, but now I’ve hit the big time! Loop turners will make you famous, well almost ;)

Easy to use, easy to break

Works great but the loop broke rather rapidly, while I was splicing 7/64 amsteel. Maybe it was me being too harsh.

Hi Jean-Marie, Thanks for the review. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with the loop turner, and we'd like to help make it right. Please reach out to us at sales@ripstopbytheroll.com and we'll get you taken care of.
Worked great, broke easy

This was a hige improvement over using paperclips for me, it did a great job of threading, but when I started trying to use it in tough spots it started to bend and then the loop broke. This may have been a user error, but I would prefer something that bent instead of broke

Hi Ryan, Thanks for your review. While it is certainly possible to splice Zing-It with the Dritz Loop Turner, we agree that it can be frustrating and apologize for any inconvenience here. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we will follow-up directly with you on this issue. Have a great day!
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