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2.2 oz HEX70 XL - Full Roll


2.2 oz HEX70 XL - Full Roll



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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 2.2 oz HEX70 XL (125 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    2.2 oz HEX70 XL is a 70 denier nylon designed specifically for higher strength, durability, and abrasion resistance compared to standard 1.9 oz 70D ripstop fabrics.

    Like the other fabrics in our XL line, we've custom woven HEX70 to be WIDER than standard fabrics at ~74" versus the more common 60" width.

    HEX70 XL is offered in two finishes (select from dropdown above):

    1) Breathable with DWR both sides - Widebody hammocks, bags, lightweight clothing, or any application where durable yet relatively lightweight fabric is needed. Uncoated but water repellent.

    2) PU3000/DWR - Backpacks, robust tarps/shelters, bags, dry sacks, or any application needing a durable yet relatively lightweight waterproof material. ~1 oz urethane coating on back, DWR front. Highly waterproof and non-breathable.

    When ordering HEX70 fabric, please select your finish with the drop-down above.

    If you're unsure which finish is best for your application, check out our FAQ page for quick answers. You can also submit a question through out Contact Us page. We're always happy to give advice on the right fabric!

  • Product Details




    2.2 oz/yd - Breathable w/ DWR

    3.2 oz/yd -  PU3000/DWR

    Denier 70D
    Grid Hexagonal
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR  or PU3000/DWR
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) ~3000 mm (PU3000/DWR finish ONLY)

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Micah T.
Snow skirt

This worked perfect for adding a snow skirt to my OneTigris ROCDOMUS Hot Tent. Strong enough to hold the snow and strong enough to handle being pulled out from days of thaw and freeze.

Thanks for the great review Micah! That sounds like an amazing use of this material and we are glad it worked out for you. 2.2 Hex 70 is a strong fabric that is a great for lot of applications. Modifying your gear and making it yours is what DIY is all about! Thanks again.

2.2 hex 20 xl

Just received it. In the dark olive the thicker thread in the small honeycomb appear golden. The fabric has a bit of stiffness that will make it easy to sew, it is not too noisy when I run my fingernails across it, and it feels pretty tough and durable. Some light gets through it. Will make good gear bags.

Thanks for the review Bernard! We're glad you're happy with the product. This fabric is a great choice for gear bags, we would love to see your project shared with us on Instagram.

James Brown
Great kit, made my first Hammock! Then made another.

I’ve been hammock camping for years using too short of a hammock. I wanted an 11-12’ but didn’t want to dump hundreds of dollars into it. I really enjoyed making this and took it camping the next 2 weekends! It was really comfortable. The next week my daughter and I made a purple one out of the royal purple 1.6 hyperD for her. She can’t wait till next weekend to use it.

Thanks for the review James! We love to hear a great DIY story especially when family is involved. The great part about making your own gear is making it exactly to your specifications and being able to enjoy using it just as much as you did making it. I hope you guys have many great camping experiences in your future!

David M
2.2 Hex 70

Being a bigger person at 240lbs, I chose the Hex70 material for my hammock. It's strong and still has a bit of stretch for comfort. It's also smooth and soft. Its easy to sew on my old Singer 201-2 using mara70 thread. Well pleased with the material.

We're glad to hear that the HEX70 XL hammock material is strong and comfortable, and easy to sew on. Thanks for taking the time to write this!


Product as described. Shipping great. Prices going up though.:(

Hey Wanda! We are so happy you are pleased with your product. Let us know if our team can help with anything that comes your way in the future.