2.2 oz HEX70 XL - Full Roll


2.2 oz HEX70 XL - Full Roll



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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 2.2 oz HEX70 XL (125 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    2.2 oz HEX70 XL is a 70 denier nylon designed specifically for higher strength, durability, and abrasion resistance compared to standard 1.9 oz 70D ripstop fabrics.

    Like the other fabrics in our XL line, we've custom woven HEX70 to be WIDER than standard fabrics at ~74" versus the more common 60" width.

    HEX70 XL is offered in two finishes (select from dropdown above):

    1) Breathable with DWR both sides - Widebody hammocks, bags, lightweight clothing, or any application where durable yet relatively lightweight fabric is needed. Uncoated but water repellent.

    2) PU3000/DWR - Backpacks, robust tarps/shelters, bags, dry sacks, or any application needing a durable yet relatively lightweight waterproof material. ~1 oz urethane coating on back, DWR front. Highly waterproof and non-breathable.

    When ordering HEX70 fabric, please select your finish with the drop-down above.

    If you're unsure which finish is best for your application, check out our FAQ page for quick answers. You can also submit a question through out Contact Us page. We're always happy to give advice on the right fabric!

  • Product Details




    2.2 oz/yd - Breathable w/ DWR

    3.2 oz/yd -  PU3000/DWR

    Denier 70D
    Grid Hexagonal
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR  or PU3000/DWR
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) ~3000 mm (PU3000/DWR finish ONLY)

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Christopher DeSmidt

2.2 oz HEX70 XL

Thanks Christopher! Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Sandra Thompson

I can’t wait to make a top for my easy up!

Thanks Sandra! The 2.2 oz HEX70 is perfection for your easy up top! We'd love to see photos of your project, here is a link to share any pictures with us! https://forms.gle/DcWjunVu8deLvjNi8

elizabeth weeks

High quality products and service. Pleased they have a 72” wide option.

Thanks for the review Elizabeth! The XL version is great for projects where you really need that extra width, like tents, tarps, and hammocks! It makes doing large scale projects much easier!

John Bennett
Light, Tight Rooftop Tent Material

The 2.2 oz HEX 70 XL fabric was just what I needed to complete my roof top tent. The extra width meant fewer seams to deal with. Water resistant and looks great.

We always love seeing a Rooftop Tent made with the 2.2 oz HEX70 XL! It is such a good project for that! Enjoy your new rooftop tent, i'm sure it will go some pretty awesome places!

John Bennett
HEX70 XL is perfect for a rooftop tent!

I selected the burnt orange color and I think it contrasts nicely with the white hard shell cover for my rooftop tent. The additional width of fabric helped minimize the number of seams I had to sew. I double folded edge seams and sewed them down using two-sided sticky basting tape to hold them in position. Sturdy fabric and nicely water repellant.

Thanks for your review John! 2.2 HEX70 XL is an awesome fabric for a rooftop tent, that extra width is everything! We'd love to see photos of your rooftop tent. Here is a link if you'd like to share any photos with us! https://forms.gle/UAh3oL6XdQUAojBS9

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