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Customer Project: Utility Bedroll

by Heath Jackson

  • After seeing several cool bedrolls online, I set out to make a lightweight, yet extremely durable bedroll. Not only would I use this roll under a sleeping bag, under a lightweight bivy, or quick naps on a hike, but I would also use this at kids football games to sit on, as a moisture barrier between my seats and a kid's rear after a fishing trip, and at the park for a picnic. So, light was important, but I also wanted extreme durability.

    I decided on a 1000D Cordura (11oz/yard2) base and a 2.2 Hex70 XL top. The Cordura would last forever and likely never tear. The Hex 70, while also durable, looks amazing and is very soft to the touch. I wouldn't change a thing about the materials that I chose. I am considering making an extremely lightweight roll at some point, but if I need lightweight, I would just leave the bedroll at home.

    On the thread, I used Gutermann Mara 70 in Vader Blue. This was a mistake, as I meant to use the Olive Yellow color. The blue does not look great against the black. I made a wallet using the black Cordura with Olive Yellow thread and it looks amazing. I suggest going that route.

    The final weight came out at 1.9 lbs (30 oz.) and I couldn't be happier. Everyone that sees it wants to buy it from me. My eight year old begged me to let him sleep on it the first night because it was so comfy! I got my money's worth the next day as my soaking wet 13 year old sat on it in my car for 30 minutes after our successful fishing trip. The seats were completely dry when we arrived.

    The dimensions are 36" by 84", but I cut the material an inch long on all sides. You could leave the Hex 70 at 36" by 84", but I wanted to reinforce the seams as much as possible.