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1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - Crazy Waves


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  • Your black webbing is due for an upgrade. Meet OutdoorINK® printed polyester webbing. 

    Uniquely crafted artwork along with unmatched richness and depth of color separate OutdoorINK polyester webbing from everything else, dyed or printed, on the market.

    What's more, as a Ready to Ship option, this 1" poly webbing has no extra wait time for print along with a great price point compared to our Print On-Demand webbing.

    For a closer look, check out our short video below: 

    See below for details on each webbing option: 

    1" Polyester webbing - 1500 lb break strength, highly durable with low-stretch (same base webbing as the black 1500 lb sold HERE). Great for hammock tree straps, heavy duty pack webbing, tie-down strapping, etc. 

    Note that due to size constraints on the webbing, certain patterns are scaled down and/or modified. 

    Sold in pre-cut 25 foot sections. Enter a qty of "1" for a single 25' section, "2" for two separate 25' pieces, etc. Multiple pieces cannot be made continuous

    *Note - Please expect a shrinkage of 6-9 inches in overall length due to heat setting in print process. 

  • Product Details
    Material Polyester
    Width 1 inch
    Break strength 1500 lbs
    Weight 9 grams/ft

Customer Reviews

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This webbing is really fun

This webbing is kinda all over the place in a great way. I got it to make tree straps for a HyperD 1.6 Moroccan Blue 11ft hammock I made for my friend. It goes really well. This webbing from ripstopbytheroll is all really strong but also really easy to work with. Making it into straps or huggers on my machine just took the right needle and thread, which thankfully they sell, and the help of a YouTube tutorial and it was a 20min project. So satisfying to make my own.