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1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - A-TACs Camo

$16.50 /section (25')

1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - A-TACs Camo

$16.50 /section (25')

  • 1" polyester webbing with a 1500 lb break strength in A-TACs® camo.

    This webbing is printed in-house at our Durham, NC HQ with our proprietary OutdoorINK narrow goods print process. Each variant is professionally color matched as closely as possible to fabrics in the same camo pattern.

    Great for hammock tree straps, heavy duty pack webbing, tie-down strapping, etc.

    Note that the base webbing is the exact same as our best selling Black 1500 lb webbing. Highly durable with low stretch.

    Sold in pre-cut 25 foot sections. Enter a qty of "1" for a single 25' section, "2" for two separate 25' sections, etc. Please note that we cannot make multiple sections continuous for this or any other printed webbing.

  • A-TACS® camo patterns are quickly becoming the go-to concealment technology with various tactical professionals, law enforcement, and special operations personnel around the globe.

    Each A-TACS® camo pattern is designed to perform optimally in a certain climatic zone while utilizing both micro and macro patterns to conceal the user both up-close and at a distance. Read more about the A-TACS® camo patterns HERE.

    A-TACS iX camo in the field


  • Product Details
    Material Polyester
    Width 1 inch
    Break strength 1500 lbs
    Weight ~7.8 grams/ft

Customer Reviews

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James Peters

1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lb - A-TACs Camo

Outback Packs and Gear
ATACS webbing

Quality product delivered on time.
This webbing will allow me to move forward with making custom atacs products for the hunting and military communities.

Hi There, Thanks for the review! The A-TACS webbing is great for military customers.

The Bearded Seamstress
Perfectly paired with the XPAC V15

This material worked flawlessly as the compression straps for a backpack project I'm sewing. The color matching is perfect with the XPac in the matching ATACS IX. My only caution to the purchaser is that this stuff is hard to sew. It laughed off my normal sewing machine but has hesitantly conceded defeat to my Singer Heavy Duty (4423). When the edges are cut and you go in to cauterize the ends with a cigarette lighter, the end does not discolor as one might expect either. Also, internal cross section from cuts will be white. Also also, this is heavier webbing, so perhaps not something to sew MOLLE with like you would a good polyurethane webbing that's much lighter. Overall, I've gone through three packages and seemed to have developed an addiction as it is easy to work with (with the right tools), color katches perfectly, and has some body to it unlike polyurethane counterparts.