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1.2 oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon 6.6 - Full Roll


1.2 oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon 6.6 - Full Roll


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    NOTE - This is a full rollof 1.2 oz MTN XL (125 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE ;for sales by the yard.

    The Mountain Series is a hand selected collection of the highest performance fabrics/materials on earth - each one optimized for applications ranging from tarp/shelters, to quilts, hammocks, packs, and other high-end outdoor gear.

    Custom woven from the ground up with high-tenacity nylon 6.6 yarn and an oversized ripstop grid, 1.3 oz MTN XL Hybrid sets the new standard for ultralight fabric in strength and durability.

    Compared to our previous generation 1.2 oz variant, 1.3 oz MTN XL is:

    • Roughly 30% stronger (*based on tear strength ASTM D1434)


    • Higher abrasion and UV resistance (*via upgrade to HT nylon 6.6)

    As the name implies, 1.2 oz MTN XL Hybrid uses our unique Hybrid weave ripstop construction. Compared to most standard ripstop fabrics, we use a much  thicker, stronger yarn (80D) for the ripstop grid vs the base fabric (20D).

    The result is a noticeably stronger and more rugged material with minimal increase in overall finished weight... 

    MTN series Hybrid ripstop weave

    Lastly, we utilize a diamond hybrid ripstop grid pattern. This makes the fabric easier to sew, increases comfort for load bearing applications (e.g. hammocks), and tends to  extend the overall life of the fabric

    Like the other fabrics in our XL line, we've custom woven 1.3 oz MTN XL Hybrid to be WIDER than standard fabrics at 68" versus the more common 60" width.

    Typical uses include widebody hammocks, synthetic quilt shells, chairs, light duty bags, or any application where breathable and lightweight yet strong/durable fabric is needed.

    NOTE - This fabric was transitioned to 1.3 oz nylon 6.6 from the previous 1.2 oz nylon 6 variant on 7/30/19. The 1.2 oz nylon 6 variant will not be restocked. Thanks!

  • Product Details
    Width ~67'' (including selvedge)
    Weight  ~1.3 oz/yd 2
    Denier Hybrid 20D x 80D 
    Yarn High-Tenacity Nylon 6.6
    Ripstop Grid Diamond hybrid (diamond with box)
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR, uncalendered

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Reggie G
1.2 MTN XtraWide

The 1.2 MTN is a great fabric to work with. It’s very easy to sew. I designed a custom hammock and laying in it was so relaxing. It is really great stuff.

Thanks for the kind words! We're glad you're enjoying the 1.2 MTN XL as your new MYOG hammock!

Julie Belden

I love the colors of this product. I got blue and purple. It sees nice and is super lightweight, which will help me keep my pack weight down.

Thanks for leaving us a review Julie! Be sure to share your project on social media, we would love to see!

Jon Tømte
DIY Azym Hammock

I made an Azym Hammock from a parallelogram cut at about 65 degrees angle. Works like a charm. Whipped ends like Hennessy patent. Around 3 meters ridgeline length gives plenty space in this hammock. Bug net next. I am 182cm tall at around 90kg heavy. 1.2 oz works very well for me.

Your hammock sounds epic! Thanks for leaving us a review Jon, we're glad the 1.2 oz MTN Hybrid worked well for this project. We'd love to see photos, here is a link if you'd like to share! https://forms.gle/P4EHrfiWJ5kajdrE8

Mitchell Morgan

I like how lightweight it is.

We do too! For as light as this fabric is, it is exceptionally strong with the Hybrid 20D x 80D ripstop grid. We'd love to see what you created, here is a link if you'd like to share any pictures! https://forms.gle/Veg5WY3ArRUr1A3x5

E. Yoast
Made a Hammock

Made a lighter weight hammock. stretch is average with other fabrics. not as silky and soft as other fabrics, still good enough for sleeping. recommend, its easier to work with than other lighter breathable fabrics on the market.

Thanks for your review! The handfeel for the MTN series fabric is definitely a little more stiff than it is silky. Like you said, it is however a dream to sew and work with. Happy hanging!