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1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000 - Full Roll


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    NOTE - This is a full roll  of 1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000 (125 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard. 

    This is the high water-resistance version of our 2nd generation 1.1 oz Silpoly line of coated materials. This fabric is coated with a silicone/PU layer on one side, then a multi-pass PU coating on the other to create a highly waterproof/non-breathable fabric.

    Same silpoly benefits of lower water absorption and increased UV resistance, but with a much higher waterproof rating. The PU4000 also has less bias stretch, making it easier to sew.

    Great for projects such as tent/shelter floors, ground sheets, tarps, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, or any application where lightweight, highly waterproof/windproof fabric is needed.

    *Note - shiny side is PU4000 and dull is sil/PU. If seam sealing this fabric, you will need a sealant intended for PU coated materials (e.g. Seam Grip). 

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page. 

  • Product Details
    Width ~58'' usable, selvedge trimmed
    Weight  1.1 oz/yd 2 (*~1.4 oz/yd 2 with sil/PU + PU4000 coating)
    Denier 20D x 20D 
    Finish/Coating Sil/PU mix one side, multi-pass PU4000 other side
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) ~4000 mm 

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A really good service but warm overseas buyers of taxes
First diy tarp project
Thanks so much for the review Will! We're glad your searches in making your own gear lead you to us and that we could help shave 10 oz off the tarp. Let us know how we can help with any future projects. Enjoy!
Silpolyester addiction
Thanks for the review! We are glad you're happy with this silpoly and RBTR. We would love to see some picture of the tents and rain jackets you've made!
Silpoly 1.1 PU4000
Thanks for the review Matthew! We'd love to see photos of your tarp. Enjoy!
Colors can bleed into each other
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