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1.0 oz MONOLITE Ripstop Nylon Mesh

$7.50 /yd

Burnt Orange
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Hunter Green
Moroccan Blue
Royal Purple

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    We had all but given up on sub 1.0 oz woven fabrics. Then along came MONOLITE...

    Ultralight woven fabrics are great for quilts and garments. But durability can take a nosedive for stressing applications like hammocks and bags.

    MONOLITE was developed to combat this problem. Constructed with a unique monofilament yarn and mesh weave, this fabric has the best durability we've EVER seen for the weight - and by a wide margin.  

    Used as a woven fabric, it's strong plus much more resistant to snagging and abrasion than fabrics of similar weight (e.g. 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon).  

    As a mesh, it blows away traditional options like our 0.9 oz Noseeum. It's stronger, way more durable, and insanely breathable with a CFM over 1000 (full data sheet here). 

    Lastly, whether used as a fabric or mesh, it's stiffer with more structure than your typical ultralight fabric. This makes it a lot easier to sew.

    Typical applications for MONOLITE include ultralight hammocks, bugnetting, tent screens, stuff sacks, lightweight bags, or garment lining material.   

  • Product Details 
    Width ~63'' 
    Weight  1.0 oz/yd 2
    Denier 20D 
    Finish/coating Breathable with DWR, C6 PFC Free

    No. For more in-depth product info check HERE to see our full product data sheet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

1.0 oz MONOLITE Ripstop Nylon Mesh

Unique material that has new applications

My newest favorite material from RSBTR! This stuff has a few desirable properties, as noted in the description but I'll repeat those here for good measure. Breathable, DWR, lightweight, durable, stiff (for the weight) and transparent. The monofilament gives it a smooth feel when running through your hand but feels course when you rub the fabric against itself between your fingers. So far I've made a hammock and several gear bags of various sizes. It's the blend of weight, durability and transparency that is a winner for me. The transparent property makes for an awesome hammock experience where you feel like you're floating mid-air and you can see your surroundings when lying down. I don't think I can go back to opaque fabric for hammocks - especially at this weight and durability. As for the gear bags - same story. I can see exactly what's in each bag - no more dumping out a bag or fishing around for something. A small detail but a serious convenience.

Other thoughts: Due to its stiffness, I have noticed that it's harder to compress down to a small size. Also, I wish it came in white!

HI Devon, Thanks for the review! The Monolite is a favorite!
Super Comfy!

I made a hammock out of some orange Monolite. I feared it would feel really stretchy and unstable, but it actually feels really good and strong. It is also pretty trippy to lay in a see through hammock. I don’t have a ton of nights in it yet, so durability is unanswered at this point, but it seems like it won’t be an issue. Glad I gave it a whirl!

Hi John, Thanks for the review! The monolite is great for a see through hammock!

Good product slow shipping.

Hi Bill, Thanks for the review, and I'm sorry to hear about the problem with shipping. I'll look into it!
Fantastic quality

Super pleased with the the quality of the Monolite. It’s very versitile - am using it for hammock bugnet, RV bug door and window screens. Will definitely purchase again.

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