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Underquilt Numero Uno

Underquilt Numero Uno, aptly named as the first DIY underquilt we've received and featured at RBTR. Although quilt projects take a little more time and skill to complete, they are one of the most satisfying projects you can undertake as a DIYer. This beauty uses our downproof nylon in a two-tone scheme: black outer shell and charcoal gray for the inner shell. Top it off with olive yellow ripstop binding and you have a creation that's yours alone.

Congrats on your beautiful underquilt Chris, and thanks for submitting pics for everyone to see!


How do I make it? 

For making a hammock underquilt, we recommend checking out the DIY and bottom insulation sections at  www.HammockForums.net. Here you'll find ideas, build plans, and people willing to help if you have questions. You aren't alone when making your underquilt.