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Tie Dyed Hammock

This is a DIY Tie Dye 11' hammock.  
Dyed with RIT Brand dye, available in most Walmart and craft stores. 


1.6 oz HyperD - White  - 4 yds - For the Body

How do I make it? 

How to Tie Dye HyperD 1.0/1.6 (also works for 1.9):

After cutting 2 yards of material into test swatches, testing different dye ratios and soaking time, I was able to figure out the ratio and time for the most vibrant colors.

These instructions have been tested on HyperD 1.6, HyperD 1.0 (both calandered and uncalandered) and 1.9 ripstop nylon.
Before you Start, follow these three steps:

Step 1 Wear clothes you don't mind getting dye on. Use rubber gloves as well. 
Step 2 Be somewhere you won't care about getting dye splattered around.
Step 3 Tie off your fabric however you want. There are entire sites dedicated to various folding techniques. Google "Tie Dye folding" and find one you like.

The Formula: (will treat 5 yards of material at a time)

1x 8 ounce bottle of Liquid Rit Dye
2 cups vinegar
2 Cups Water

• Heat on a stovetop to Approx 180°, stirring occasionally to prevent the solids in the dye from settling.

• CAREFULLY pour liquid into a gallon sized ziploc freezer bag. (The freezer bag is important here, They're a heavier grade plastic than the "storage" ziplocs and hold up to heat better)

• Add tied fabric.

• CAREFULLY squeeze out as much air as you can, and seal off bag.
let fabric sit for 60-90 minutes.

• Using tongs, or gloves, remove fabric from bag, and rinse in water until no more dye comes out. Do this in a bucket or a stainless sink. Ceramics and acrylics will get stained by the dye.

• Hang to dry, or retie and dye in the same color, or a darker color.

After it dried, I hemmed and channeled the hammock blank, then ran it through a few cycles in the washing machine on cold with a color safe detergent. This helped remove the lingering smell of vinegar from the material.
I had a few people suggest to me to leave the material wrapped up soaking in dye for 24 hours. I found it wasn't required. I did a dozen test swatches at different time intervals (30 minutes to 6 hours) and found that after the 90 minute mark, all following swatches were just as vibrant.

I went ahead and added a full net, bishop bag, RL, RL organizer, and cinch buckle suspension system complete with Multibuckles. Without the straps, the hammock weighs in at 19.9 ounces, and is 11' long

The Hammock Body started as White HyperD 1.6. The bishop bag and RL organizer started as Spectra Yellow HyperD 1.0

Before the net
Look at full pattern

With a net