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Post Black Friday Fulfillment Update

Hi Guys,

Our annual Black Friday sale is always the busiest time of the year, and 2020 was certainly no exception. In fact, we set a new record for number of orders in one week! (thank you)

As expected, this mega amount of order volume puts a strain on our fulfillment and customer support. That said, please expect delays in both. 

Fulfillment Update (as of 12/3/20, 9 AM EST)

Open orders - Will be fulfilled and shipped in roughly the order they were received during Black Friday week.

New orders - Please expect an 8-10 day estimated lead time from order placement to shipment

Just know that we're working extremely hard to answer your questions and get all orders shipped ASAP! We love you and thank you for your patience in advance.  

As always, if you need any help, check out our help center or  let our team know

Have a great week,

Carter Holland
General Manager, RBTR