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OutdoorINK Info/Glossary

Considering OutdoorINK Print On-Demand? This is your information hub. See below for all general information and a glossary of terms for all things digital print!

NOTE (2/18/19) - We will be adding many things to this page over the following days/weeks, so if you don't find something you're looking for, don't hesitate to jump on a live chat or submit a ticket to our team. We're here to help! 

Glossary of Terms

 FULL WIDTH - Print layout method to guarantee maximum amount of the FABRIC gets printed with minimal white space.  Useful for designs  that seamlessly repeat or when you want the maximum printed fabric area possible (i.e. no waste).

FULL PRINT - Print layout method to guarantee 100% of the DESIGN layout gets printed onto the FABRIC. Maximum printed width will be 2" less than width of fabric. If you're submitting a custom upload file, we'll print your design at its original width OR shrink to a width that's 2" less than the width of the fabric you're printing on.

Note that this method will result in non-printed white space on both the left/right of the printed FABRIC. Useful for portraits, logos, etc where you want to ensure the entire design gets printed to fabric with nothing missing.