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Hurricane Florence Update - Closures and Delays

UPDATE (Monday 9/17/18) - We're all safe and back in the shop today! We'll be working hard to catch up on all outstanding orders as quickly as possible. Please note that minor shipping delays may still occur over the next few days due to changes in USPS/FedEX services. These are unfortunately beyond our control :/. 

From the entire RBTR team, THANK YOU to everyone for their thoughts, well wishes, and patience during this trying time. You're awesome and we love you!



Kyle Baker
Ripstop by the Roll LLC


Hi everyone! If you haven't heard, there is a little situation with a monster hurricane headed directly for us in North Carolina. It looks something like this....

Hurricane Florence

That being said, we wanted to make a quick announcement to set expectations as this situation plays out. Here's our current schedule:

WED  9/12/18 - We're going to be working full bore today to stay on pace with incoming orders and crank out as many as possible. This includes print jobs coming from OutdoorINK. Frantic push, but business as usual today. 

THURS 9/13/18  - We'll be watching the development closely, but currently plan to be open until around Noon EST. 

FRI  9/14/18 - Barring some type of miracle shift in the forecast, we will be CLOSED this Friday as the storm is expected to make landfall on the coast sometime in the morning.

Please keep in mind that Local Pickup will also be unavailable during any time we are closed for the storm.

In addition to fulfillment delays, please be aware that adverse weather can and likely will affect shipping carrier (USPS and FedEx) schedules and delivery. 

Of course we want to be mindful of fulfillment and get all orders out ASAP, but the most important thing is that our team members and family are safe and have ample time to prepare for what could be a very catastrophic storm. 

We appreciate your patience and support in advance.  Thank YOU!


Kyle Baker
Ripstop by the Roll LLC