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How It Works

The idea behind Ripstop by the Roll is to give you the freedom to purchase 1st QUALITY ripstop nylon fabric at WHOLESALE PRICES regardless of how much you need. Instead of selling ripstop by the yard and charging you high prices, all our products are rolls of different ripstop nylon fabrics that range in starting quantity from 100-500 yds. The quantity bar below each product tells you how many yards remain on that particular roll. It also shows you how much time is left on the sale of that roll. Here's the breakdown: 

We're able to offer you a discount for a couple of reasons. First, unlike huge fabric warehouses we specialize in and only sell ripstop nylon. Second, we ship all orders in bulk only when a roll sells out or the sale is finished, whichever comes first. If you're willing to wait a couple days for your order, you can SAVE   2 0-40%  with NO ORDER MINIMUM!  Think of it as a group buy specifically for ripstop nylon fabric. Leverage the power of bulk discounts without buying more yardage than you need.