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Hammock with removable net and overcover

I've wanted a hammock with an interchangeable/removable net and overcover for a long time. I could never justify the price of buying one ready made. So when Ripstopbytheroll released these two way separating zippers I decided to build myself one.  

Specs on the hammock are: 
11.5' Double Layer Epsilon Multicam and HyperD 1.0 
Weight of each part:
Net (.67 used) 4 oz
Overcover (1.55 Multicam) 6.5 oz
11.5' Hammock Body (1.55 Multicam, 1.0 HyperD with multibuckle suspension, bishop bag, and RL organizer) 20 oz.


1.55 Multicam - 8 yards (4 yards for hammock body, 3 yards for overcover, 1 yard for bishop bag, and RL organizer and triangles)
HyperD 1.0 OD Green - 4 yards
.67 Noseeum Netting - 3 yards 
Amsteel for suspension
Zing it for Ridgeline
240" Two-Way separating zipper x2
1/8" Shock Cord for tie outs
1 Pair of Multibuckles
Mara 70 thread 

How do I make it? 

Coming soon


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