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Ep. 93 - Custom Alpha Direct : Innovations Unveiled with Houda Trail

Join us as we chat with Jameson Collins, the brains behind Houda Trail, a custom outdoor gear brand. Get ready for an inside look into Jameson's journey from gear enthusiast to gear maker extraordinaire. They dive deep into the world of outdoor apparel, geeking out over the wonders of Alpha Direct fabric and the joy of tailoring gear to fit just right. Jameson spills the beans on his sewing secrets with Alpha Direct, sharing handy tips and tricks for making the most out of this high-tech fabric. But that's not all! Jameson lets us in on his adventures with Outdoor Ink and Polartec's Alpha Direct fabric, revealing the magic behind bringing designs to life. From brainstorming to final print, they cover it all, including pro tips for achieving top-notch results.


  • Polartec® Alpha Direct 4004 is now available for custom printing with OutdoorINK!
  • Alpha Direct fabric is highly versatile and ideal for active outdoor activities with start-stop elements.
  • Customization is a key aspect of Houda Trail's business, allowing customers to personalize the fit and design of their outdoor apparel.
  • Houda Trail offers unique prints and designs, adding a fun and personalized touch to their custom apparel. OutdoorINK on Polartec® Alpha Direct fabric is a game changer for custom apparel making.
  • Taking accurate measurements of the chest, waist, hips, and desired garment length is crucial for achieving a customized fit.
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00:00- Introduction and Gear Making Journey
06:09- Customizing Outdoor Apparel with Houda Trail
14:39- The Versatility of Alpha Direct Fabric
25:20- Tips for Sewing with Alpha Direct
30:19- Achieving a Custom Fit with Houda Trail
34:57- Adding a Personalized Touch with Unique Prints
38:01- The Importance of Customization in Outdoor Clothing
33:09- Custom Printing and Design Process
35:03- Tips for Printing on Alpha Direct
37:31- The Unique Look and Detail of Alpha Direct
45:31- Printing Solid Colors and Color Blocked Fleeces
52:35- Poalrtec® Trivia