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Ep. 90 - Is X-Pac® Underrated or Overrated?

Several years ago, you could point to any cottage company and they would likely have several products made out of X-Pac®. Nowadays, it seems like X-Pac® is less used than ever before. In this episode, we talk about why that is and why we feel like its decrease in market share is making it one of the most underrated materials to makers and cottage companies. Plus, we talk about their new X-Pac® Ultra-PE UL pack material.


  • X-Pac® has experienced a decrease in prominence due to the emergence of new materials and shiny object syndrome.
  • X-Pac® offers high waterproofness and durability, making it suitable for applications such as packs, bags, and outdoor gear. X-Pac® has a high hydrostatic head rating, making it very waterproof.
  • X-Pac® has good abrasion resistance and  lamination techniques and has a long history of experience in the field.
  • X-Pac® is climate-neutral in its production, offsetting emissions from various sources.
  • X-Pac® offers a wide range of printing options through the Outdoor Ink program.
  • When working with X-Pac®, it is recommended to store it on a roll to prevent creasing, use a sharp needle and longer stitch length, and consider binding or taping for finishing.
  • X-Pac's Project 85 is a new material in development that offers a lighter-weight option.
  • The hosts play a game called 'Make, Stash, or Trash', where they choose which materials to use for different projects.

00:00- Introduction
01:13- What Happened to X-Pac®?
05:32- Decrease in Usage of X-Pac®
07:26- Quality of X-Pac®
10:22- Cottage Companies and X-Pac®
11:40- DIYers and X-Pac®
23:41- Applications of X-Pac®
26:58- Examples of Projects with X-Pac®
30:09- LiteSkin® Line
34:18- Applications of X-Pac®
40:35- Pros of X-Pac®
46:01- Hydrostatic Head and TEP Abrasion Resistance
49:53- Lamination and Environmental Focus
54:07- X-Pac® Climate Neutrality
58:46- OutdoorINK Printing Options with X-Pac®
01:03:26- Tips for Working with X-Pac®
01:07:34- Why Choose X-Pac® and Other Materials
01:11:38- X-Pac® Project 85
01:13:59- Make, Stash, or Trash Game