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Ep. 68 - Mad Scientist of the Cottage Industry

Many of us love the cottage industry because of the stories and people that are behind the gear. They're not faceless companies that we're buying from, they're people, families, and stories that we're buying into.

Terra Rosa Gear (Evan Howard) is a great story that we've been fortunate to know for a long time.  This story revolves around a mad scientist in his workshop doing the things he's passionate about. Evan makes gear that brings people joy, uses colors that reflect the earth's beauty, and designs that make you question what functional is (or isn't). 

Listen to hear about: 

  • DIY in Australia
  • How RBTR helped him grow
  • Private workshops
  • His crazy one-off products
  • New design partnership 


Watch this episode on YouTube:  Coming Thursday, 4/27

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