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EP. 45 - Nerding Out with Dan Durston

Dan Durston needs no introduction to most people. For the few that aren't aware of who he is, then this episode will be a treat. Dan is an UL gear nerd, MYOG celebrity, and designer of those packs and tents that just cannot stay in stock.

In this XL-size episode, Jameson and Isaac sit down with Dan to talk about Dan's background and work experience. Then we get to the good part with fabric application details like DCF vs. Ultra, Silnylon vs Silpoly, and X-Pac vs. ECOPAK.

At the sharp end of the podcast, you can expect to hear all about Dan's products, design, and development process, as well as an inside look at his new Kakwa 40 pack. We even ask Dan what he thinks about hammock camping and apparel.

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Gear in the background:(from left to right in the studio)