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Ep 29 - New Fibers from Dyneema

In this episode, we talk with William Smith and Keith McDaniels from DSM. Recently, they informed us that they would be releasing a new fiber that would be used for fabrics woven with Dyneema®. And better yet... would also be available to the MYOG market.

We brought Keith and William on to discuss the pro's and con's that makers have seen with Dyneema® over the years as well as the changes they are making to Dyneema® fibers.  


We talk about:  

- Dyneema® Diamond Technology  

- Bio-based Dyneema®

- Why Dyneema® is NOT a generic UHMWPE

- What other UHMWPE fabrics lack


Tune in for this and more...  


Show Notes:

Team DSM Cycling Apparel:  




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Dyneema® Diamond