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Ep.18 - Company Spotlight: Samson Rope


Are you a fan of Amsteel? Then you definitely don't want to miss this episode interview with Gavin McWilliams, the Global Product Manager for Samson Rope . We learn about the history of Samson, which dates back to 1878, and how their technology and innovation for rope developed over the years. From arborists, fishing, utility, mining, sailing, tug boats, mooring, shipping lines, and even NASA, this episode is fully loaded with all the Samson information you've been waiting for! 

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Samson Products
Amsteel - Full Spools
Zing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-Spools
Zing-it/Lash-It - Full Spools
Amsteel Continuous Loop
Amsteel Whoopie Sling