Amsteel Whoopie Sling


Amsteel Whoopie Sling



  • Pre-made Amsteel® whoopie sling for use in gathered end hammock suspension.

    Sold individually. Just select your diameter, length, and color above. 

  • Product Details
    Color Silver, Black, Red,  Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue
    Material Dyneema fiber
    Diameter 7/64"
    Overall Length 6 ft
    Lead Length 8"
    Weight 20 grams

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Product

Ordered a few whoopie slings for my hammock setup. They are super strong and the berry moves nicely when you want it do, and doesn’t move when you don’t! I have some thinner ones that I have problems loosening so these will be replacing them for sure!

Thanks so much Greg! We're glad you were able to upgrade and replace your whoopie slings for your hammock. Happy hanging!


quality cordage

Thanks so much Allen! Let us know if you have any questions about creating future projects!

Amsteel Whoopie Sling × 1 7/64" / 6'

The Amsteel Whoopie Sling replaces the original webbing my hammock came with. I saved a huge amount of weight using the Amsteel Whoopie Sling. I also saved some space. The price was very reasonable for a pair of slings. The slings are well constructed and fit perfectly on my DD Frontline Hammock. I bought a green and red color sling, the red for the head and green for the feet. As I keep making modifications to my gear I will continue to replace parts with Ripstop items to ensure I have quality parts. I received fast service from Ripstop as well. I do believe it was three days from purchase online to delivery. I have not yet taken my hammock out since I made my whoopie modifications but I am sure they will work out well. Will update my review once I have gone out on a few camping/hiking trips.

Thanks so much for the detailed review! We're a huge fan of whoopie slings here at RBTR! Let us know if you have any questions as you start replacing pieces of gear!

Whoopie Sling!

Lightweight and holds fast. A very versatile suspension tool.

Whoppie Sling

I've use them almost everyday on my hammock I set up in the yard. They work great. I got them a day earlier than u thought I would.

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