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Ep. 13 - What do UL and Bushcraft have in common?

What do UL and Bushcraft have in common?

Episode: 13

Guest: Carter and Rod

Description: We talked with RBTR employee, coworker, and bushcrafter, Rod. He gives us insight on what bushcraft means to him, what he has in his pack, and lets us in on the 5 C's of bushcraft.  

We also briefly talk to Isaac! Our newest hire, and possibly your new favorite RBTR employee. We also announce some new projects and products that Isaac will be working on.  

That's right, we're talking Cordura, MONOLITE, Amsteel, waterproof fabrics, cordage, hiking, and skill at living in the bush.... whatever that means.  

What we're drinking: BruePint Beer

Rod's RBTR Favorites