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Customer Project: Roll top hip pack for bikepacking

by Hideyuki Saito

  • A roll top hip pack for bikepacking. The main fabrics are X-Pac UVX40 and MTN Reflector Mesh

    My motivation for starting this project was to make myself safer by making myself more visible to motorists on the road at night during bikepacking trips. The requirements for the application are as follows
    • Having a roll-top closure
    • Space to add foods and beers purchased along the way
    • Using reflective materials
    • High durability
    • Easy to operate even with gloves on
    • Design that fits in well in an urban environment
    Sizing is based on the esteemed Porcelain Rocket and Rockgeist's Big Dumpling, with ample storage space in the main compartment. In addition, an external elastic pocket swallows "extras".

    The side compression system, which incorporates the language of UL backpacks, allows for quick manipulation to adjust the fit. When you pack more, you can pull back the drawcord to reduce the strain on your waist.

    The FIDLOCK buckles help add urban style to an otherwise functionalist outdoor bag, and I love them. They are easy to operate with one hand or even a gloved hand, and I look forward to testing them in the next cold season.