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1% BIPOC Pledge

Many of you have seen our recent posts about the 2021 Adventure Sponsorship. In a comment on one of those posts, someone asked the question "Why were all the winners white?".

Well, as it turns out, in about 200 applications, we only had ONE from a person of color. So after some thought, we decided as a team that we'd like to try and do something about that.

That's why we're donating 1% of our March 2021 sales revenue to organizations that promote the outdoors amongst Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color (BIPOC).

This effort isn't designed to change the world, but hopefully it can help to promote more opportunities and  increased diversity amongst the outdoor and maker communities that we love - and that's a decent start.

Note that we will be posting the specific organizations that we're donating to as well as regular updates on the total donation $ amount, both here on the website and through our Instagram page. 

Thanks for watching and listening.

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Kyle Baker
CEO/Founder, Ripstop by the Roll