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Omnicolor Solids - Zipper Pouch Kit with Dyneema® Composite Fabric

$9.50 /kit

Omnicolor Solids - Zipper Pouch Kit with Dyneema® Composite Fabric

$9.50 /kit



  • Your wallet is too big and that case is way heavy. Take your organization game to the next level with the Zipper Pouch Kit - now available in printed Omnicolor Solids with Dyneema® Composite Fabric!

    These ultralight, abrasion and water resistant pouches are the perfect minimalist storage solution for things like cash, credit cards, change, phones, or your tablet. Use them on your next hike or run to shed weight and reduce bulk, or as an every day carry. 

    Which material to select? Choose the 1.0 oz DCF for min weight, max packability, and light-med duty use. Choose the 2.92 oz DCF Hybrid for an all-around more rugged pouch while sacrificing a bit on weight and packability.

    The 2.92 oz DCF Hybrid is also much stiffer than the 1.0 oz DCF, which is useful when frequently pulling items in and out (e.g. using as a wallet). 

    Each DZP kit includes all the items (*except thread) to make your chosen size pouch. On top of that, we laser cut your Dyneema fabric blank in-house so you can open the box and start sewing right away.

    Kit includes:

    Dyneema Composite Fabric blank, laser cut to exact size and ready to sew
    (12") #3 Uretek YKK coil zipper
    (1) #3 reverse-mount YKK slider
    (6") 1.5 mm Black Drawcord or (1) Tiny Cord Pull 
    (6") 3/4" mil-spec grosgrain

    For about $10 and about 15 minutes build time, these Dyneema® pouch kits offer a simple project that's tough to beat.

    Select your desired size above and get started!

    Approx Finished DZP sizes/weights/uses

    Small - 4.25" wide x 3.25" tall (4 grams) - cash, credit cards, change, etc. 

    Medium - 7.25" wide x 4.25" tall (7 grams) - phone plus all the small stuff

    Large - 9.5" wide x 6.5" tall (11 grams) - smallish to medium size tablet (e.g. Kindle Fire) or large phone plus small and medium stuff (*will NOT fit a regular sized ipad)

    Note that all printed products will exhibit minor variation in finished size due to material shrinkage rates. Weights are approximate and based off 1.0 oz DCF material. Finished weight will be slightly higher when using 2.92 oz DCF Hybrid. 

    This product is printed on-demand, just for you when the order is placed. Please  allow   extra time  for printing and fulfillment. Your estimated ship date will be shown at checkout. 

    Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

  • Product Details
    Colors Any color :). See Pantone gallery HERE
    Materials 2.92 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric Hybrid
    Finished Size (*approx)

    Small - 4.25" wide x 3.25" tall 

    Medium - 7.25" wide x 4.25" tall 

    Large - 9.5" wide x 6.5" tall 

    Weight (*approx and based on 1.0 oz DCF. Weight slightly higher for 2.92 oz DCF Hybrid)

    Small - 4 grams

    Medium - 7 grams

    Large - 11 grams

  • Click HERE -> PDF downloadable instructions for the Dyneema Composite Zipper Pouch

    We will be making a full build video covering our zipper pouches soon, but the process is exactly the same as the ZPP kit build. The only real differences with the DCZP are an asymmetric zipper placement and sewing the pouch flat instead of creating a "box" or pill shape with the ZPP.

    Head over to the ZPP kit page and watch Backcountry Exposure's video for a refresher on the build process before starting your DCZP project!

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com

Customer Reviews

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Karen Stubkjaer
Easy to make, very handy to have

I made these to include into the DIY tote bag. They were easy to make and really took my tote bag up a notch in functionality!

That is a great idea! Thanks for leaving us a review and the suggestion! Enjoy your very custom tote bag!

Chuck Larson
Great product

Fast service, easy to assemble. Wish instructions were included and not need to use their video.

Hey Chuck! Thanks for leaving the review and feedback on including the paper instructions. If you ever have any questions about future project, don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to help.

Jeannine Estrada
No assembly instructions - no stars

This might have been a good product but I will NEVER know because the kit came with absolutely NO ASSEMBLY instructions. I am an expert seamstress, but I require a bit of instruction. Very disappointing.

Hey Jeannine, we do in fact have instructions for this kit and they are listed on the product page under 'Instructions'. Here is the link to make it simpler. We also have a video tutorial listed on the product page as well for more visual instructions. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0261/6507/files/Dyneema_Composite_Zipper_Pouch_-_Instructions.pdf?1631706911115333886

how fun is this myog sh*t!

Your kits are a great way to learn how to make your own gear! I'm just getting into sewing my own gear and I love it! Your kits take the apprehension out of trying to figure out what you need to buy and just allow us to take the leap. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your review! Making your own gear is addicting. We're glad that the kits were easy for you to get your feet wet. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

fun projects!

These are fun little projects that result in a handy, ultralight waterproof bag. They are easy to make (questions? go to you-tube). Artistic bent? make something completely different!

Thanks so much for your review Ellen! We're glad you had fun making your own bag and the ZPP's are easy to turn into another project, i.e. fanny pack or bike bag or whatever your heart desires!

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