Pre-Cut HEX12 Tarp Kit

$69.50 /kit

Pre-Cut HEX12 Tarp Kit

$69.50 /kit


  • One of the most intimidating parts of any DIY can be the layout and cutting of material. Aside from being a pain, the process can be next to impossible if you don't have a large area to work in.

    Enter Pre-Cut Kits. Instead of struggling OR not starting your project at all, let us cut your material for you. With Pre-Cut Kits, our team precision cuts your material to the perfect shape. When you get your kit, just pull everything out of the bag and start sewing. No guesswork, no math, no "Oops".

    The Pre-Cut HEX12 Kit contains all the items required to make a ~ 12' Hex shaped backpacking/hammock tarp plus accompanying storage sack. Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need with no wasted materials.

    Kit includes:

    Pre-Cut Tarp Panels (*choose color/material above)
    ~140" x 57" w/ 2" catenary cut edges (*slightly smaller than 12' due to cut process)
    ~94" between ground tie-outs for increased coverage

    Components ( *Optional - choose "YES" or "NO" above)
    (1) 36" x 20" waterproof fabric blank (1.1 oz Silpoly Black) 
    (14) 3/4" Beastee D-rings
    (2) cordlocks 
    Laser cut Black HyperD 300 reinforcement panels (all tie-outs plus ridgeline and panel pulls)
    (5') drawcord
    (6') 3/4" grossgrain - Black 

    We've prepackaged everything, so all you do is select your tarp fabric, color, and components option above .  

    *NOTE - thread is not included in any of our DIY kits. We suggest  MARA70 or TERA80.

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Weight 15-16 ounces
    Estimated Finished Dimensions 143" x 115"
  • Update 12/5/17  - Please note that we have switched to providing  pre-cut reinforcement panels for all tie-outs, ridgeline, and panel pulls  at no extra charge. This saves you the hassle of cutting them out :). Instructions will be updated soon to reflect this change, but just an FYI.

    Illustrated PDF instructions for HEX12 tarp kit (revA, updated 7/30/15) -   CLICK HERE

    *NOTE - For Pre-Cut HEX12 Kit,  eliminate steps 1-2 and steps 4a-4b.

    Archived versions
    Original - 7/23/15

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Great idea, but beware of FedEx charges

The kit is fab and goes together very quickly. I'd have struggled to find space to cut out this much fabric. There's plenty of ripstop included to make a stuffsack too. It's well thought out and great value.

Delivery by FedEx to UK was rocket quick. However, two weeks later came FedEx's claim for import duty, I didn't mind paying the £9.00 tax but the £12.00 admin charge stung a bit too much.

I'm glad I got the kit :)

Hey Stuart! Thanks so much for the review. We're glad that it was enough for the tarp and stuff sack. Unfortunately since we are based in North Carolina, customs and duties fees are not accounted for in our international shipping fees. If you have any questions about future orders, please email us at, we are here to help!

Great kit. Pre-cut is a huge time saver.

This is my second diy tarp, my first pre-cut. The pre-cut hex in the silpoly is perfect. This may be user error but maybe the precut tie out reinforcements might be a little small. I am getting a bit of stretch in the stitch holes in the silpoly when pitched taught.

Thanks for the review Jacob! The pre-cut does save a lot of time and thought. Silpoly will stretch slightly along the bias but shouldn't sag when wet like silnylon. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Excellent Value, Challenging for a Beginner

The quality of the materials, the abundance of components and the decent (if dated) instructions made for the start of a great gear-making experience. That said, being new to sewing technical fabric, I found the silpoly to be extremely challenging. It’s a gossamer, slippery material, and I’d encourage new MYOG folks to do a smaller project with it before committing to a full tarp (I’d recommend using the scrap fabric included to make a stuff sack). Finally, keep in mind that you’ll need additional hardware and material to hang and guy the tarp; you’ll have to order these things separately, so do your homework early!

All told, a fun, challenging project that produced a very nice piece of equipment I’ll be testing out next week.

Thanks for the review Paul! Congrats on completing your first MYOG project. We'd love to see photos of your finished tarp, be sure to tag us on social media.

Great, fast service

These guys are great. I’ve made two orders, and both arrived sooner than promised. They are clearly working hard To make customers happy, and they are doing a great job. My only minor complaint is with the instructions included with the kits, in my case a hex tarp. The instructions were out of date - they did not work with the items actually supplied in the kit. I was able to figure this out by going online and (I think) looking through Q&As on ROR, but I shouldn’t have had to. Even so, I will definitely use them again.

Thanks for the review Lewis! We apologize for the outdated instructions but appreciate the feedback and will definitely take note. We are working on updating instructions for our DIY kits. Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Make sure you buy the insurance

The package arrived damaged and missing some key parts. I purchased the $1.82 insurance and Justin at Ripstop was very helpful in sending out the replacement. Recommend purchasing the low cost insurance to protect your purchase when shipped.

Hi Peter! Thanks for the review. We are sad to hear your package arrived damaged but glad your items were replaced. Be sure to share photos with us of your finished tarp, we'd love to see!

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