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Fidlock SNAP Buckle Flat


Fidlock SNAP Buckle Flat



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  • Fidlock fasteners are based on one-of-a-kind, multi-award winning technology that revolutionizes traditional fastening systems. 

    With the SNAP buckle line, Fidlock offers a giant leap forward from traditional side release buckles. Using the tried and true Fidlock magnetic fastening system, these buckles can easily be operated with just one hand. When reconnecting, the buckle "snaps" into place automatically with powerful magnets. 

    The SNAP buckle flat is a low-profile version of the standard Fidlock SNAP buckle. It's thinner and lighter, with slightly lower load capacity (40 kg vs 55 kg). 

    Quite simply, Fidlock offers the best designed, highest-end magnetic buckles on the market. Perfect on packs, bags, or any application where a high-end, adjustable fastening system is desired.

    The Fidlock SNAP buckle flat is single-side adjustable and sold individually. Use 1" (25 mm) grosgrain or webbing

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Sizes 25 mm
    Material Nylon PA66-GF
    Load capacity 40 kg
    Weight 16 grams

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