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Dyneema Demo Days 2020

If you like cutting edge materials at deeply discounted prices, then you're in the right place... Welcome to Dyneema Demo Days 2020!

For the first-time, we've teamed up with DSM Dyneema to bring you exclusive access to over 25+ materials with Dyneema (the world's strongest fiber). Many of these materials are being made available to the public for the first-time and with no MOQ (buy as little as a half-yard).

We'll list 1-2 materials at a time for a brief period of 48-72 hours each. We call these "drops". Each material will ONLY be available for purchase by the yard during it drop period. After that (assuming we don't sell out), you'll only be able to purchase by the roll. 

If you're fabric nerds like us, get ready for an awesome month of new fabrics, great discounts, and a lot of fun :)