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TensionLock Hook

$3.25 /dozen

TensionLock Hook

$3.25 /dozen

655 packs in stock

  • Functions similarly to the Lineloc 3, but attaches to cordage instead of grosgrain webbing. Will also hook into small d-rings.

    Great for adjustable tie-outs on tarps, ground sheets, hammocks etc. Also works well for removable shock cord lashing on backpacks.

    Works best with 1.8-3 mm  cordage.

    * Note: Sold in packs of 12. Enter "1" in the Qty field for a single 12 unit package. 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Polyacetal/ABS
    Dimensions -----
    Weight 1.41 grams/unit
    Units/pack 12

Customer Reviews

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R. Akers
Tension Lock hooks

I haven't set these up on all my gear yet, but I did do my typical torture test.
I tested to failure by setting up a tent line sample, tied to a tree, and stretched with a 6' prybar. The hooks failed long after the tent attachments would have. Good enough! The tension lock feature failed just before the fabric attachment did. Also good enough!
If the tent and / or the stakes fail before the tension hooks they pass.

Thanks for the feedback! We're happy to hear that you enjoy the tension lock hooks and that they are up to your standards. We personally love these for a wide variety of uses. Thanks again!


They work very well .Real good value for the money.Used them last week during the rain and wind gust of 40 mph .They held tarp tight all night long . Great products and great company. It's a can't go wrong combo

We love to hear that real-world feedback on our products, especially in extreme conditions! We're glad it worked well, enjoy!

TensionLock hooks

Don't think about it, just get 'em. I wanted something to use as a quick attachment for my night time kayak light. I didn't know if they would work, but they have been perfect to avoid worrying whether it might fall off in a swell. They are rated for a smaller cord, but they snap onto bungee cord that's a bit larger. My deck lines are 1/4", and the snap fits with just a little harder push. The adjustability allows me to move the light where I need it. Despite having to stretch a little, they haven't shown any kind of damage that might cause a break. I bought extras, of course, plus a few with the ribbon attachment rather than the adjustable end. I have since found a ton of ways to use them. I've also made a detachable ridgeline organizer for the hammock, used the adjustables for attaching gear to the outside of my backpack, made a paddle holder for the boat, used a couple for adjustable tarp door attachments, and curtain clips in the van. I'm probably going to run out of clips before I run out of ideas.

Thanks so much for your review! We love that you found so many ways to use the TensionLock Hooks! Soon everything you have is going to gave a TensionLock Hook, and we support you for that!

Upgraded my tarp guyline setup

Have 1.8mm line threaded through line lock hooks which are hooked onto 7” elastic line loops attached to tarp d-rings. Other end of guyline has a loop that can just be placed over stake. Can easily adjust tension from under tarp if necessary. No slippage and hooks have a slight positive ‘click’ onto d-ring. Can switch readily between tarps. Easy to roll up (minus stakes) into tarp before sliding snakeskin over tarp and lines.

Thanks so much for sharing those tips and suggestions! Now you can camp even easier with your new setup, sounds super efficient.

C Crock
Tension Lock Hook

So far so good. I placed them on my tarp and they did exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to try out the upgrades to the tarp sometime soon. Tying it down with these lock hooks should be much easier.