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Can I have my order shipped on a roll?

YES. If you're working in production or just ordering a large amount of fabric, this is almost a must. Handling large amounts of cut/folded yardage can be annoying and waste a LOT of time.

Fortunately, we have an in-house machine for rerolling fabric. To have your fabric order sent on a roll rather than cut/folded, just select the checkbox on the appropriate product page:  

Your fabric and "On a Roll" option will be shown on the cart page:






IMPORTANT  - We've removed the minimum purchase required for the On the Roll option.  So unlike before where you were forced to buy 10-25 yds, you can now get ANY qty of fabric (even one yard) sent on a roll.    Please note that we do have a $10 fee for each item selected to be on a roll and that you will be charged exact shipping for all orders shipped on a roll.

To ensure accurate shipping charges, we will   send you a separate shipping invoice  after your order is packed and ready. This invoice will provide a link for you to pay shipping via credit card or paypal. Your order   will be held  until payment for shipping is complete. 

Additional Notes:

1. Orders elected to ship on a roll are subject to our standard   Order Changes and Cancellation Policy, just like cut and folded orders.  

2. Orders originally elected to ship   Cut and Folded  cannot be changed to   On a Roll  outside of our standard  Order Changes and Cancellation Policy.

3. In the event that you change your mind and opt for cut/folded shipping after we've rolled your order, please note this will be treated as an order change and thus subject to both our  15% standard restocking fee and continuous cut policy.