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Woven Polyester Daisy Chain Webbing



Woven Polyester Daisy Chain Webbing




  • You've seen daisy chain webbing, but not like this...

    Instead of traditional stitching that can create weak points or quality issues, the loops in this webbing are made by physically interweaving two pieces of flat polyester together at regular intervals during manufacturing.

    Along with a seamless look, this new interwoven technique creates a stronger, more reliable connection point at each loop in the chain. It also makes the webbing more flexible, which means it packs down smaller

    Each section of woven polyester daisy chain webbing is made custom and then printed in color by us at our HQ in Durham, NC. 

    Lastly, each solid color that we print gets matched as closely as possible to our existing Ready to Ship Narrow Goods so that everything works together - because matching is important!

    Choose your width, color, and quantity above. Sold in pre-cut 25 foot sections.

    *Breaking strength of >1500 lbs at each loop. 

    Note - Enter a qty of "1" for a single 25' section, "2" for two separate 25' pieces, etc. Please note that we  cannot make multiple sections continuous for this item.

  • Product Details
    Material 100% Polyester
    Widths 1"
    Breaking Strength >1500 lbs at each loop
    Loop Length 3 inches
    Weight 13.2 grams/ft

Customer Reviews

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Daisy chains for the win

It's exactly as advertised. I personally feel good about the spacing of each link, I like the feel of the webbing, and it kept me happily suspended in my hammock at night. Plus I could clip other things onto the unused loops. (I just cut it in half and have two super long tree straps for now.)

Thanks DT! Daisy chain is a super useful and easy tool for hanging up hammocks. Super reliable and a quick set up time. Thanks for leaving a review and we hope we can continue to serve you in the future!

Perry Peacock
Woven Poly Daisy Chain Web

We use this webbing for our hammocks, so easy to use and adjust without knots or other hardware. It is also handy to wrap around a tree and hang camp items from it. Love being able to have assorted colors as well. Thank you.

Thank you Perry! We love seeing all of your creations on Instagram, your work is truly incredible!