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WINTER12 Tarp Template

  • If you've ever made a tarp or shelter, you know that layout and cutting can be tedious. Materials are slippery, math is involved (yikes), and you only have one shot to get it right

    Enter the WINTER12 Tarp Template. Instead of a struggle, this full-size pattern makes your WINTER12 tarp build easy and enjoyable. Complete with a pre-drawn outline and multi-depth cat-curves, simply cut your desired shape, place the pattern on your material, and trace.  No guesswork, no math, no "Oops"

    *Note - Designed for use with the WINTER12 tarp kit. Does not currently include placement locations for panel-pulls. Comes folded into approximately the size of a sheet of notebook paper (8.5" x 11")

  • Product Details
    Pattern  WINTER12 tarp 
    Sizes (ridgeline length) 12 ft or 11 ft (choose above)
    Dimensions ~7' x 5' (full-size), ~8.5" x 11" (folded)
    Weight 14 oz

Customer Reviews

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I have made tarps for a while. Many shapes and sizes. I always cringe when someone says, can I have those curves... If I charged anyone to make stuff I would definitely charge extra for this. I hated either figuring out the template or cutting. I don't have a large area to lay it out flat and because they are always different I would have to do it for each one. I had not been smart enough to keep my templates. Well when putting in a recent order an offer popped up for a winter tarp template. At first I thought I wouldn't because I don't charge for the work, but only for materials. Then I thought I might treat myself and got it. Just cut a 12' winter tarp with cat cuts in about 10 minutes. Well worth it.

I would highly recommend putting tape down directly on the template, then applying tape to that for the project. It helps for adjustment and removal.