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Venom UHMWPE Ultralight Webbing

$40.00 /section (25')


  • We searched far and wide for a webbing that was stronger, tougher, and  lighter than everything else. When we couldn't find it, we made it. Introducing Venom™ UHMWPE webbing.

    Designed, woven, and produced from scratch by us, Venom™ webbing uses one of the world's strongest fibers (UHMWPE) to yield a webbing that's super light, crazy strong, and more abrasion resistant than common nylon and polyester webbing.

    Simply put, our Venom UL webbing is perhaps the lightest, most durable load bearing webbing on the market

    At 2.2 grams per foot and 1800 pounds in breaking strength (*1" variant), it's a whopping 76% lighter than our standard 1" polyester webbing with the same strength.

    Coupled with an ultra tight weave and solution dyed yarn, you get maximum durability and jet black color that won't rub off or fade quickly with UV exposure. 

    Venom™ webbing has been tested and approved for use as sewn tree straps in hammock suspension using various knots like the marlinspike hitch and beckett hitch. It works equally well as a tree hugger.

    * Note  - All sections of Venom™ webbing are sold in pre-cut 25 ft section and not continuous. For example, buying a qty of "2" 25 ft sections will result in two separate 25 ft sections.

    IMPORTANT  - If you're ordering multiple sections and need a single continuous piece, please  put a note on your order  and we'll cut it continuous (* 100 ft max continuous cut ). 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material/Yarn Venom™ UHMWPE 
    Widths 1" and 2"
    Thickness 0.6 mm
    Tensile/Break strength 1800 lb - 1", 3600 lb - 2"
    Weight 2.2 grams/ft - 1", 4.4 grams/ft - 2"

    *Usage with buckles: UHMWPE fiber is naturally more slippery than nylon and polyester. This combined with the thinness of Venom™ webbing can result in increased chance for slippage. We do not recommend using this webbing with cinch buckles, or other buckles in your hammock suspension system.


Customer Reviews

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2” Venom webbing-Great choice

I purchased the 2 Inch venom webbing for hammock straps. I was initially concerned about the 2 inch width, and the 1 inch webbing was sold out. I needed the straps for an upcoming trip and bought the 2 inch. I think this works even better. I made my straps by sewing a loop at one end and leaving the rest of the strap flat with a hem and bar tack on the flat end. I use a marlin spike hitch to knot the webbing at the desired location. My hammock’s continuous loop goes around that knot for a sturdy connection. Because the webbing is so light, I can carry two extra long straps to allow for varied distances between trees (I used one 25’ section divided in half). My set up eliminates my whoopie slings and any other connection device. I believe the 2 inch webbing gives a better grip on slippery bark, or as in my most recent trip, frozen tree trunks with caked on, wind blown snow. Even 40 mph gusts and freezing weather didn’t move my straps. Very pleased with the webbing!

Great simple tree strap option

I’m using this as my entire suspension system, using a double sheet bend to hold the hammock gathered end and various different knots to secure the other end around the tree. Double the price of 2 ultralight tree straps with sewn loops on both ends, but I prefer the flexibility and having two 12’ straps. Still doing some simple testing of knots at different angles and weights, but sheet bend and becket hitching the working end after wrapping the tree and threading it through a standing end larks head are solid so far. The main drawback is it crinkles really easy, so you have to carefully flatten it when wrapping a tree and before making knots. I have not found it as slippery as some Dyneema warnings say, although of course some knots and hitches don’t hold.

Haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet but...

It is so incredibly light. I had a problem where it would slip if wrapped multiple times around a tree but this can be fixed by running it back through the end loop after the final wrap around the tree

Hi Bryan, That's a great time. Thanks for the review!

The best to hang your hammock using a Becket hitch.

Great for UL hammock straps

Used to sew ultralight hammock straps. Did a 3" box stitch and throw a Becket hitch on the other end and you're done.

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