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Sternum Magic Buckle


Sternum Magic Buckle



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  • High-quality, commercial grade backpack sternum  "Magic" Buckle. Unlike traditional plastic buckles, these unique magic buckles clip/unclip using a magnetic fastening system. 

    Adjustable on male side with built-in piping clip attachment on female side. Sold individually. 

    * Note - For male side webbing attachment, consider adding a standalone piping clip or hydration tube clip

    See below for a comparison between the Magic Buckle and our Fidlock magnetic fastening buckles:

    - Action: Magic buckles "pull" apart where Fidlock buckles slide apart. 

    - Usability: Magic buckles typically require both hands to easily separate. Fidlock separates with one-hand. 

    - Holding power: Magic buckles have less holding power. Fidlock buckles are stronger. 

    - Price: Magic buckles are less expensive than Fidlock.

    - Profile: Magic buckles are lighter and slightly less bulky.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Sizes 3/4" (20 mm)
    Material Acetal
    Weight TBD grams/buckle