Pre-Cut HEX12 Ultralight Tarp Kit

$78.00 /kit

Pre-Cut HEX12 Ultralight Tarp Kit

$78.00 /kit


  • One of the most intimidating parts of any DIY can be the layout and cutting of material. Aside from being a pain, the process can be next to impossible if you don't have a large area to work in.

    Enter Pre-Cut Kits. Instead of struggling OR not starting your project at all, let us cut your material for you. With Pre-Cut Kits, our team precision cuts your material to the perfect shape. When you get your kit, just pull everything out of the bag and start sewing. No guesswork, no math, no "Oops."

    The Pre-Cut HEX12 Ultralight Tarp Kit contains all the items required to make a -  12' Hex shaped ULTRALIGHT backpacking/hammock tarp plus accompanying storage sack. Take out the guesswork and get exactly what you need with no wasted materials. Kit includes:

    Pre-Cut Tarp Panels  (*choose color/material above)
    -142" x 57.5" w/ 2" catenary cut edges (*slightly smaller than 12' due to cut process)
    -94" between ground tie-outs for increased coverage

    Components ( *Optional - choose "YES" or "NO" above)
    (1) 36" x 20" waterproof fabric blank (MEMBRANE Silpoly Black) 
    (14) 1/2" Beastee D-rings
    (2) cordlocks 
    Laser cut reinforcement panels (all tie-outs plus ridgeline and panel pulls)
    (5') 1.5 mm drawcord
    (6') 1/2" MIL-SPEC grosgrain - Black

    We've prepackaged everything, so all you do is select your tarp fabric, color, and components option above .   

    * NOTE - thread is not included in any of our DIY kits. We suggest MARA70 or TERA80.

  • Product Details
    Colors Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Foliage Green, Khaki, Dark Olive, Lime Green
    Estimated Finished Dimensions 143" x 115"
    Estimated Finished Weight 11-13 oz.
  • Update 12/5/17 - Please note that we have switched to providing  pre-cut reinforcement panels for all tie-outs, ridgeline, and panel pulls at no extra charge. This saves you the hassle of cutting them out :). Instructions will be updated soon to reflect this change, but just an FYI.

    *NOTE - instructions linked below are for the HEX12 standard tarp kit. For the HEX12 ultralight, you can use the same build process, but in place of sewn reinforcement triangles we recommend the bonded no-sew reinforcement technique detailed in this blog post. 

    Illustrated PDF instructions for HEX12 tarp kit (revA, updated 7/30/15) -   CLICK HERE

    *NOTE - For Pre-Cut HEX12 UL Kit,  eliminate steps 1-2 and steps 4a-4b.

    Archived versions
    Original - 7/23/15

    Radial reinforcement template - Download and print a 3" radial template for making your tarp reinforcements. See the blog post HERE for instructions.   

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Awesome tarp!

I made this as a tarp for hammock camping. The instructions were great and made the process run smoothly. After sealing the seams I set up the tarp and hammock and left it out as hurricane Ida passed us by (northern Virginia). The hammock was bone dry after two days of pounding thanks to the tarp. Amazing.

Thanks for the review Charlie! That is also the ultimate testament of product testing the tarp! Our product team will be thrilled to hear this, thanks for sharing!

Nicholas Di Genni
Huge time saver

The pre-cut kits are great, especially if you don't have the space the lay out the material for cutting. Measuring and cutting your fabric, is probably the simplest step in the process, if you don't have the space or equipment, it can cause havoc later on. This is such a time and stress saver. Love the pre-cut packs!

Thanks so much Nicholas! We're so glad that the Pre-cut kit saved you time and a headache. It also makes the process almost foolproof since you don't have to measure twice or cut! Enjoy your tarp!

Jane Manahan
Review of items purchased

I bought these products for a gift. My grandson has purchased your products in the past and he sent me the link with a list.

Thanks Jane! We're glad your grandson is getting exactly what he wanted, and we know he will really enjoying making his own gear.

John Anderson
Ripstop shipping charges

Product may be ok (haven't sewn it yet, but the delivery charges are ridiculous! You REALLY can't find a cheaper shipper? 🤔 This is actually a barrier to ordering stuff from this supplier.

Mikko Kahri
Wonderful service

I haven't actually started sewing the tarp kit yet, but I'm very impressed with the way Ripstop By The Roll handled a problem with the shipment. (I got the wrong product, but they sent me the correct kit very quickly.)

I've tested pinning and sewing the UL tarp fabric, and it looks to me like it's going to be doable (even though I'm a beginner at sewing.)

I already made the underquilt -kit that I also ordered, and am very happy with the outcome. Thank you!

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