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PET Seam Seal Tape - Full Spools


PET Seam Seal Tape - Full Spools


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  • NOTEThis is a full spool of 1" PET Seam Seal Tape (55 yds). Are you looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard.

    Stitched seams are good, but taped seams are better.

    Compared to stitching alone, using a quality seam sealing tape makes your finished product stronger (i.e. it lasts longer) and also more waterproof.

    For some laminated fabrics, it's a must-have to prevent issues like stitch elongation. 

    This PET Seam Seal Tape from Dimension-Polyant is a 1" strip of polyester film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side. You can apply it by hand and it cures within a couple of hours at room temperature.

    You spent a lot of time planning and building your project. Finish it properly by seam taping.

    Note - This seam seal tape will work with all of our tapeable fabrics ( X series X-pac, ECOPAK EPLX, Challenge Ultra, Dyneema Composite Fabric, Venom, etc).

    Keep in mind, although this tape does add some seam strength, it is not a "repair tape" to be used for fixing small holes or tears. For that, we recommend using DCF Repair Tape instead.

  • Product Details
    Color Clear/transparent
    Film Thickness 1 mil
    Width 25 mm (~1") 
    Weight  ~1.9 grams/foot
    Finish/Coating N/A

Customer Reviews

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Masayasu TANABE

PET Seam Seal Tape - Full Spools

Thanks for your review Masayasu!

David M
PET seam tape

Super easy to work with and adheres well

Thanks for your review David! We're glad that the PET seam tape was easy, It's good to buy in bulk and keep on hand. Enjoy!

Fred Austin
Misc Good Things

All articles are present and accounted for.
Preparations for a custom DCM 1-2 person real double wall using two trekking poles as A frame support of front triangle (no center pole) with wedgee foot end, and gear vestibule.

We would love to see photos of your trekking pole tent when you are all finished! Be sure to tag us on social media!