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OutdoorINK ZPP Kit with Dyneema Composite Fabric


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  • Zipper Pack Pouch (ZPP) DIY Kit now available for the first time in OutdoorINK Printed Fabric with Dyneema® Composite!

    These zippered water-resistant pouches are extremely handy for neatly packing things like toiletries, small clothing items, or really anything that will fit! 

    This kit comes with all the pre-packaged components you'll need to make one finished ZPP with no wasted materials. We've even cut the fabric to size, so you can open the box and start sewing right away.

    Kit includes:

    ZPP Material (*choose design above)
    14" x 14" printed Dyneema Composite Fabric blank

    Components (*prepackaged)
    (18") #3 Black Uretek YKK coil zipper
    (2) #3 reverse-mount YKK sliders
    (18") 1.8 mm Black Drawcord or (2) Tiny Cord Pull -  Note we are in the process of changing from the drawcord to these  finished  cord pulls.
    (1') 3/4" mil-spec grosgrain  

    Choose your OutdoorINK print design from the drop down above. Please note that some designs may be scaled down to better fit the product dimensions. 

    Note - All print on-demand OutdoorINK products are made custom just for you when the order is placed. Please allow  extra time for printing and fulfillment. Your estimated ship date will be shown at checkout. Thanks!

  • Product Details
    Estimated Finished Dimensions 10" x 4" x 3"
    Estimated Finished Weight - 2.92 oz DCF Hybrid 0.74 oz (21 g)
  • If you've never built a zippered pouch before, or if you just need a refresher, watch this video first. Many thanks to Devin at Backcountry Exposure for this fantastic instructional video! 


    IMPORTANT - Please pay special attention to orientation of the Uretek coil zipper. A common mistake when constructing the ZPP is to flip the zipper the wrong way out.

    The video above details the correct orientation with teeth  FACE DOWN when attaching coil to fabric. This will ensure the water-resistant, coated side of the Uretek zipper ends up on the outside of your ZPP.

    Have suggestions or something you'd like to see added to these instructions? Send an email to suggestions@ripstopbytheroll.com.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great for toiletries

Really stiff fabric holds its shape well. Not that hard to sow either. Only my third sewing project and came out nice and straight.

Dyneema ZPP and Stuff Sack Kits

Fun and easy to build. With a sharp needle and the MARA 70 thread, the material was very easy to manage. I sew, so printed directions would have been more useful to me than the videos. (It took longer to watch the videos than sew the kits.) I would also like to see larger sized bags. Going ultralight has driven me to using fewer stuff sacks. I need UL sacks for my tent, clothes, food, etc.

Sew easy

Handling this durable fabric is like a dream to sew. Print Margins were deeper than my seams, I had to trim a bit off each side of the zipper or the non printed border showed. Not a problem. Exceptionally strong

Just awsome!

Very impressed buy the print on this dyneema! Looked much better than I was expecting! I got the starry night print and made a makeup bag for my girlfriend and it turned out awsome!

RAD printed Dyneema dopp kit

I have been ordering from RBTR for a while now and have been verrry curious about this new printed dyneema-composite-fabric-hybrid. This little kit was a great introduction to the material. It's a good bit heavier than the dyneema I have made fanny packs out of in the past (2.92oz vs 1.0oz) but it is REALLY easy to work with. It holds a crease well (great when top-stitching zippers) and cuts relatively easily with a SHARP rotary blade (I decided to trim mine down for a slightly smaller pouch). AND THE COLOR IS PHENOMENAL. The print is so crisp and smooth, the dyes vibrant and stunning. I took a chance with the yellow paisley design and was very happy with the physical product. I will definitely be ordering more designs of printed DCF hybrid in the future.

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