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Mountain Flyer UL Backpack Pattern - 34 L


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  • The 34L Mountain Flyer UL Backpack is a great place to start your DIY ultralight backpack journey. The backpack is light-weight and relatively simple to make. If made correctly, it is extremely durable on the trail and weighs only 16 ounces.

    This digital pattern package includes the following:

    1. Large format template that you can take to any plotting service (like Kinko's). You can also purchase this FULL SIZE template pre-printed from us HERE
    2. Recommended materials list (*download HERE right now)
    3. Detailed sequence of construction (so you can build the damn thing)
    4. Tech pack
    5. Material layout guides

    You can have confidence in using the core pieces of this pattern while modifying pockets, lash points, etc. as you go. Have some fun, will ya?!

    For any questions regarding your build, please email Bag Buff directly at stephen@bagbuff.com. Also, be sure to join the Bag Buff community on Facebook and Instagram (@bag.buff).

    NOTE - This is a digital product that will be delivered automatically to the email you input at checkout. If you haven't received your pattern package within 24 hours of checkout, please contact us directly.

Customer Reviews

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I like it but it could be improved

sweet design and I am excited to see such offers from your store, but a bit more thought might be helpful to newbies. The text could be a bit more thorough for those first time pack builders. a fair amount presumed knowledge is the reason for only four stars.

Hi James! Thanks for the review. We appreciate all feedback, and we'll take a look into it.