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Magic Buckle


Magic Buckle



  • High-quality, commercial grade "Magic" Buckle. Unlike traditional plastic buckles, these unique magic buckles clip/unclip using a magnetic fastening system. 

    Flat shape and single-side adjustable. Sold individually. 

    See below for a comparison between the Magic Buckle and  our Fidlock magnetic fastening buckles:

    - Action: Magic buckles "pull" apart where Fidlock buckles slide apart. 

    - Usability: Magic buckles typically require both hands to easily separate. Fidlock separates with one-hand. 

    - Holding power: Magic buckles have less holding power. Fidlock buckles are stronger. 

    - Price: Magic buckles are less expensive than Fidlock.

    - Profile: Magic buckles are lighter and slightly less bulky.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Sizes 3/4" (20 mm), 1" (25 mm)
    Material Acetal
    Weight TBD grams/buckle

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scot Mayer

Magic Buckle

Thanks so much for your review Scot! Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

Awesome buckle and stronger than suggested

I've used these in making several small hip packs and they prove sufficiently strong for this use and very handy for all to use. The magnet snaps into place every time without issue and is quite strong.

My only issue was that one half fell and I thought it was lost. Nope, found it several months later inside my sewing machine cabinet attached to the metal hinge...

Doug Hudiburg
Exactly What I Needed

My application required one-handed use, and Magic Buckle did the trick. Everyone I have put it in front of had been able to intuitively figure out how to use it. Great product!

Hi Doug, Thanks for the review. The magic buckles are perfect for 1 handed use.

Justin O.
Great Buckles

Strong magnet, a personal favorite buckle.